panic attacks??

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    Hello..hope everyone is having a good day!

    I have been having panic attacks in the car for the last couple of years. I get them really bad, especially on the highway where there are a lot of cars. It affects me so badly that I avoid driving on the highway. My hubby and I rarely fight, but we do when we are in the car. I start to sweat and heart starts to pound. This doesn't happen to me to this degree anywhere else. I do have some anxiety when I am in a place that has a lot of people, noise, or chaos. However, it is not as severe as in the car. Does anyone else have similar experiences?

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    My son had similar panic attacks and they put him on Xanax. He said it helps so much.

    I have them also...but not as often. My doc said that the klonopin that I am on works for well as I take it for tremors and sleep.
    I know that the klonopin works.. because I have put it to test a few times!

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    Yep I have them too, but I have a different trigger. I started getting my attacks toward the end of this summer, when did you start getting your's? Was there a specific time when you think they got started in you, a time when you were driving and felt scared?

    I know how I started getting mine, and through a very supportive partner, xanax and a bit of therapy, i rarely get them anymore. recently, i've only had times when i felt like i was about to have one and then it went away. so within 4 months they are nearly gone. but i think that's because i was able to address the cause of them and then stop my attacks from getting any worse.

    i hope you are able to ease them and eventually overcome them.
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    I have panic attacks sometimes when driving on the highway, around a lot of vehicles also. I have tried different medications, they have all made me sick. So you know what I do...and this may sound silly...If I am by myself I sing to the radio or cd really loud to keep my mind off of the panic...eventually I will calm down, or sometimes I will call someone from my cellphone( I know that I shouldn't use the phone when driving)
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    I have had panic/anxiety disorder for 15 years!! I know exactly what you are saying. I will not drive on the freeway - I am better at being the passenger. I had a severe PA about 6 years ago on the freeway and haven't driven it since. I experence the same symtpoms as you.

    I can tell you, IT WILL GET BETTER!! I go through bouts of severe anxiety with all the yucky symptoms, but then all of a sudden it gets better. I take Klonopin .75 during the day and .5 at bedtime. I also take Doxepin, about 15 mg. You need to get on a good anti-anxiety med that your body can tolerate and perhaps anti-depressant (which also work for panic disorder). Last spring and summer were hell for me, I didn't go out much because of the anxiety/panic, but all of a sudden in the fall, things got better (although I did increase my Klonopin .25).

    You also need to get into cognitive therapy and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE whatever triggers your panic, like the driving. The more you do it, the easier it will get - I promise. Claire Weekes wrote some wonderful books on panic/anxiety disorder (that's her saying, Practice, Practice, Practice). She also has books on tape. I purchased one last summer and listened to it - it was like listening to my grandmother; a very gentle voice, yet stern, not to mention VERY knowledgeable.