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    I know that everyone has seen alot of messages like mine but I just need to vent. I left my job 11/18/2004. I had to go 17 days with leave without pay since i didn't have enough sick leave before I got approved for STD, which is thru Liberty Mutual. On May 21, my STD ended and I was supposed to be automatically eligible for STD but as everyone knows, that is an untruth. LTD paid me for the last week of May and the month of June. July and August was covered under my school sytem of developing a summer fund from each paycheck in which you recieve half for each month. LTD told me at that time that in September I would be eligible.

    So for the kicker, in August I recieved a "real nice letter" from LTD statting that in order to apply for my LTD ( I thought I already had it) that within 45 days of the letter I would not only have to apply for SSDI but I owuld also need to apply for my disability retirement thru the state of Virginia and the cpounty policy. If I did not apply on time LTD would automatically reduce my monthly check based on an estimate of what I would reciedve for the SSDI and retirement funds. So I went thru the phone call interview, the sit down interview, the mammoth paperwork just for me to fill out, getting my psychiatrist to send everything they wanted. When I contacted the retirement peole, they sent me mucho amount of forms to fill out (some of them are very similiar to SSDI) and then I had to get my psychiatrist to fill out a mental functioning assessment for SSFI, LTD and retirement. Retirement gave me my estimated payments if accedpted.

    No for the clincher, the other day I recieved a letter from my school systems HR office telling me that I needed to fill out a leave of absence form with leave without pay. I called and asked what is going on and the standard reply was that since they had just recently been notified by LTD that I was applying for it, I had to complete this form in order to "preserve" my status as a FCPS emplpoyee. I asked the guy why I had to do this now since I had recieved LTD for May and June and he stated that it was policy. He also let me know that until LTD approved me that I would not be recieiving any money for Setember. If I was denied LTD then i still wouldn't get any money.

    Right now I am depresed, sick and tired of the run around and am beginning to think the world is out to get me. My psychiatrist has continuosly let LTD know that I am permanently disabled and will never be able to return in any teaching capacity ever again. She let them know that due to my severe chronic depression which is permament and that my fibromyalgia worsens with the depression and vice a versa along with my anxiety/panic disorder/agoraphobia and that whay she is basically concerned about is me functioning at the basic human level (which I find very difficult these days) and staying alive (of which I am really beginning to think is not something I can deal with much longer.

    So to anyone out there, who can commiserate with me, respond. I am not a religious person and do not believe in traditional religous values due to my history of sexual, emotional and physical abuse. I have really tried to search for what I can believe in and I tend to go toward the Native American spirits. However, even those seem to have "let" me done lately.


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