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    anyone ever have bouts where they are paralyzed? I've read its normal to wake up suddenly and feel like you are paralyzed for a few seconds but i'm talking about waking up and not being able to move at all for a couple hours. Angell
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    Hi Angel,
    I see you're new to the boards and want to say hi and welcome! You will find sooooo much love and support here so I'm glad you found us!

    I read your post and didn't see anything about what your health issues are. It helps a lot to post that so that others can understand, help and relate better so I hope you feel comfortable about sharing.

    I've never personally had complete paralasis at any time but have experienced different body parts feel that way upon waking. Sooooo, my suggestion would be to definetely talk to your doc about it. Personally if that happened to me I would get it checked out a.s.a.p., better safe than sorry I always say.

    Nice to meet you, Julie (Earthdog)
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    i was diagnosed with fm in 1997. had problems for awhile then it seemed to calm down. for the last two years its been steadily getting worse. I've been to 4 doctors in the last two years. they all say the usual "its in my head".
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    Yes,I experience sleep paralysis. I HATE it. I seem to go through spells. I might experience it 20 times tonight and on an off for a few days, then no episodes for months at at time. My son is now 18, and he has experienced these as well. He used to experience NIGHT TERRORS as a toddler and into elementary school.

    For me, the first few times, I was SURE that there was SOMEONE, SOMETHING, in the room with me and that I was LITERALLY scared STIFF. While being questioned, by my then Neurologist, he asked me if I had any thoughts or emotions associated with this paralysis. I, embarrassingly confessed, that I had a distinct knowledge that SOMEONE, (SOMETHING), was in the room with me. He said EVERYONE he has ever quizzed about this, reported THE EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. But, after this happened several times, I realized if I just quit struggling and go back to sleep that I will eventually wake up and be able to move.

    Oh, and I AM able to move my eyes and see all around the room. I try to squeek out a scream or flap my hand, and NOTHING.

    I personally think that when this happens, we have awoken during a stage of sleep that we normally don't/shouldn't, and can't seem to cycle out of that stage.
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    Angell, I have experienced a different kind of paralysis than others have described here. My left leg seems to "seize up" and I am unable to walk and unable to lift or move the leg at all. The first time it happened I got out of bed and fell on the floor. I laid on the floor, flat on my back and was unable to move my left leg at all. This lasted a couple of hours. Slowly the feeling and movement came back into my leg and I was able to walk.

    It has only happens a few times and it's always the left leg.