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    I'm worried about my Aunt. She has Fibro and Lupus and was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I called her today to see how she was and she told me she is having paralysis in her fingers. I asked if she meant weakness, she said she has that also but she sometimes can't move them. This really has me worried especially since my uncle (her brother) died from ALS about 2 yrs ago. I don't think she has a very good Dr. either. Is this common, does this happen? I'm so scared for her. SharN
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    my father was diagnosed last winter with ALS. He has lost almost all movement in his hands. he told me thay would get very stiff from the cold, and not be able to move them. it can run in families so try to get here to see a nero DR.

    I pray it's not ALS.
    sending hugs your way, stephanie
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    please let me know how your aunt is doing. do you know of anyone else in your families history of someone dieing of unnone illnesses. I sometimes think that i my have ALS, my family think its all in my head, and mybe it is. when i see my fathers body dieing it scares me. in my mind i think this is what i my someday have to deal with.

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