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    I'm hearing from some of the alternative medicine sites I subscribe to that there's an onslaught of attacks on the freedom to choose it over allopathic medicine & including vitamins & supplements. I hear people in Europe are unable to get those now, except insignificant amounts of a very limited list. Anybody out there concerned about this? Heard anything?
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    Not sure what you are referring to. Could you explain in a little more detail?

    Thank you
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    Hey DC,

    I would like to read some of this but don't know where to look. Can you direct me (remember, I don't take direction well LOL) toward a site or two where I can read what's going on?


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    Thank you, greenbean & dncnfngrs. The best place I know to get info on all the areas in which health freedoms are being attacked is And, dncn, if we make the current, proposed agreement with the World Trade Organization, by adopting CODEX, "foods" will be renamed "toxins" & will therefore come under the control of government entities. Under our current law, DHSEA, supplements ARE foods. The immediate problem, which you can read about & write to the FDA about is that they plan to rename CAM - (Complimentary and Alternative Modalities) - by calling it Complimentary & Alternative Medicine. That would make it so only licensed medical practitioners could treat & prescribe ANYTHING. Bye bye herbalists, iridologists, etc.,...hello allopathic medicine & prescription drugs. All this stuff reminds me that it was once illegal in this country to grow, sell, buy or consume TOMATOES & that those who did were called WITCHES.
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    That only they had the right was a sad day indeed. First, they witch hunt midwives, then they get after anything that isn't drug company related.

    I only wish they would regulate the FOOD industry that puts so many poisons and toxins into foodstuffs and the CHEMICAL industries that pollute the earth

    I just was watching the Earth channel and a professor of toxicology said "If we took breast milk (these days) and bottled it it would be labelled toxic". That wonderful thing a mother can do, nurse her baby is impacted so badly these days these days, but as he said "at least a human mother has the option to use bottle formula, no such thing exists for the mammals of the wild who have so many toxins in their milk we probably will eliminate many more species before we are done poisoning the earth.

    I am not against aliopathic medicine, but they need to work WITH complimentary medical practices as the two together may be very good for us all.
    So sad.

    Love Annie C
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    And SO true...
    Some are. I read an article in the Pro-health newsletter by a "holistic" doctor. Now, to find one for myself who is accepting of my insurance. I'm willing to pay out of pocket but am still forced to have $96/month, up from $72, a year ago, deducted from my social "security?" check for medicare premiums & another $20 for Humana's supplement.

    The other thing is to be politically active on this issue, which I thought was resolved years ago. NOT. Maybe those of us who are forced into the medicare system should become active in creating choice in that area too.


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