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  1. clerty

    clerty New Member


    I have just had my hair strand tests back and it says I have Parasites and action must be taken !!

    So what do I do now ? this is starting to make me wonder LYME !!!

    I would say things are getting Chroninc the floaters are getting worse and the MCS is also is this enough proof to approch a doctor no one believes me that I am so unwell
    I have Fungal issues also !!

    I have tried to take action and cut out offending foods and started in cranberry juice and I am taking salt baths
    can any one advise Please.


  2. hi clerty,its good to have you back.

    i ate two table spoon fulls of pumpkin seeds for 9 weeks.

    id eat then at 7.30pm each night,as they made me light headed.

    anyway the pumpkin seeds made some palm of the hand,blisters go away.on the hand that i whipe my bottom with.

    i do believe this blister thing came from my anus.but no one will believe in parasite infection.

    im not on the pumpkin seeds now,as i ve been ill with another works issue.

    but now that my hand blisters are gone,im wearing rubber gloves to wash and wipe my lady and anal area,s.

    i dont want the hand blisters back.

    love fran
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  3. Bluebottle

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    What country are you in Clerty? If you're in the UK I can advise you of a doctor to help.
  4. clerty

    clerty New Member

    I stay in Scotland there are no doctors that I know here !!

    I can't afford to travel down to England I have heard about a fab doctor there!!

  5. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    This might help you:

    Dr Andrew Wright in Bolton will help you by advising which drugs etc you need. He does thumb prick blood tests by post for £30, looking for parasites, bacteria etc with a Darkfield microscope, & the follow up telephone appointment with him is £100.

    I believe he also recommends where to buy the medicine cheaply if your GP will not prescribe it. I'm not sure yet as I'm booked in with him in a couple of weeks.

    Exciting stuff, I can't wait as the NHS here offers nothing but the rubbish GET and CBT that I'm refusing to do as they made me so ill in the past.
  6. wrthster

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    Where did you get this hair test done? Thanks very much.
  7. JoFMS

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    Hi Clerty,

    Google 'zapper' as there is something called a zapper that you hold and due to the frequency, it kills all parasites, bacteria and viruses in your body.

    The reason I know about these is because my Dad is an electrical design engineer and he made me one!

    Can't do any harm as long as you use it correctly, so might be worth a go!

  8. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Hi Clerty,

    Just had another thought - colloidal silver can kill parasites if you take a tsp in water twice a day for a week. We use it at our wildlife rehab centre!

    Also - might be worth going on a parasite cleanse such as humaworm.

    Better out than in!
  9. clerty

    clerty New Member

    thanks so much for all of that information much appreciated!


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