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    Hi there
    I was watching this show on the christian network and they were talking about people having parasites living in them and sucking up all their nutrition. wicked gross I know, so sorry, but could we have them and has anyone ever had a parasite cleanse or a candida cleanse?? If so, did it help? or could this just be another scam to get our money.
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    Yes - I had a parasitic infection and was treated with heavy duty antibiotics for 10 days. Unfortunately I do not know which type, but according to the doc could potentially be causing many symptoms including muscle pain & fatigue. The antibiotics were almost unbearable - bedbound for most of the treatment. Problem is, he never tested after to make sure they were erradicated.
    I told my new doc about this and he has arranged for more testing, including abdominal ultrasound to make sure they are gone.

    Yes, they certainly do suck up nutrition which is why it is still a concern. I am slim and cannot gain weight and I probably eat more than my husband who is 210lbs.

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    After reading Dr. Tieltelbaum's book From Fatigued to Fantastic, I'm convinced I also have parasites. Have had IBS (loose, foul smelling stool, diarrhea) for 2 years.

    Had a stool culture done at doc's office and came back negative, but, Dr. Tieltelbaum said in his book, this happens all the time. Specific test and labs are necessary. So I had 5 days Flaygl that I just took and guess what? No, diarrhea anymore.

    It's so frustrating not to have a doctor like him who treats CFS exclusively nearby. I feel like I'm winging this by myself. Tulip
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