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    Is there any relationship between these two? Just wondering as I have hypo and now found out I have osteitis on the shin bones-which when searching for what that is-parathyroid came up a lot. I want to know what to ask the dr tomorrow when he explains the scan!!!

    Thanks a million!!!
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    First, do you have dental amalgams? Mercury fillings.

    30 years ago we were taught that the pituitary was the master endocrine gland. Now we know that its the hypothalmus. The hypothalmus is part brain / part gland. Its the true thermostat of the body. Per Dr. Andrew cutler, "the hypothalumus has an affinity for mercury".

    A blood test for toxic metals only show recent exposure (6 weeks). A proper test is called a challenged test. Lead imbeds itself in the bone, mercury also goes intra celluar (inside the cells).
    A metal "chelator" is administered and then a 24 hour urine collection is done. Another test is also considered to be real accurate, but gross, a fecal metal test.

    Hair analysis is not real good for mercury testing.

    If both the thyroid and parathyroid are amiss, consider the hypothalmus.

    Dr. Teitelbaum says that the hypothalmus acts like a circuit breaker in most CFS/FM patients. It will shut down and then all the endocrine glands will get out of sync. IE. you may have other endocrine problems too: gonadal, adrenal, pineal