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    I have just found out that my blood chemistry shows high parathyroid and calcium. If anyone else has this I would be interested to hear.

    For anyone who had the surgery to remove the parathyroid gland, did it cure your CFS? I am sure hoping that finding this and treating it will at least partially improve my health.
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    I had the same test done by pcp. The test came back with high calcium readings. She referred me to an endocrinolo-
    gist. I was under his care for a year, if not a little
    longer. He ran all the tests again for that time period and they never came back with readings like that again.
    So we never really figured what exactly happened. If I was you, I would have the same tests ran again to see what would show up. granmakitty
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    Yes, I saw an endocrinologist about 4 months ago, on a referral from my nephrologist.

    My PTH was high, an Serum Calcium norm....but I was dumping huge amts of calcium and phosphate in urine.

    Endocrinologist said my parathyroid was ok---even with the elevation of parathyroid hormone.

    Best wishes.....many of the symptoms of parathyroid disfunction are very close to the symptoms of these disorders.

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    Thank you so much for your replies.

    I found the most wonderful website

    It talks about parathyroid, and possibile complications of just 'leaving it' if levels return back to normal. They describe how tests can go in and out of normal, but you still have parathyroid disease. I also get the impression that most endocrinologists only see 1 or 2 cases/year, and don't really have a true understanding of the nuances & long term implications.

    I'm just waiting for my endocrinologist referral now, I hope I get a good one.

    They do list feeling unwell & fatigue as symptoms, and how some people feel 'like the light went on' after getting the offending parathyroid removed.

    I am still hoping someone on this board has had theirs removed--anyone out there who can comment??? thank you!!
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