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    Web MD has the following online support boards that may be of interest to some here and can be accessed at

    Parenting: Friends Talking
    Get the support and information you need to navigate those parenting minefields from Moms and Dads just like you!

    Parenting: Special Needs Children
    Parenting is a tough job! But if your child has special needs, the job of parenting takes on a whole new dimension.

    Postpartum Depression: Support Group
    Postpartum depression can strike anytime in the first few months after childbirth. Find the support and comfort you deserve here.

    Breastfeeding: Support Group
    You’ve made the choice to breastfeed your baby. Get support from other moms here!

    Autism: Support Group
    Children with autism come in a rainbow of personalities and a wide range of symptoms. Get support here!

    Preemies Support Group
    Come here to find support from other preemie parents as you experience your little one’s first amazing year of life.

    Adoption Support Group
    You're considering adoption, but what are your options? This is a place to get feedback and support.

    Pediatrics BySteven Parker, MD
    From worries about feeding, sleeping, and illness to communicating with your kids, pediatrician Steven Parker, MD, is here to help.

    Parenting Newborns
    Visit here to share the joys and challenges of getting to know your baby during his or her first three months of life.

    Parenting: 3 to 6-Month-Olds
    Your baby is now smiling and cooing and exhibiting his or her own little personality. Stop in to share with other moms and dads.

    Parenting: 6 - 9 Months
    Your little one is now 6 months old! Join other moms and dads to get tips, support and information on raising your baby.

    Parenting: 9 - 12 Months
    Baby’s cognitive and motor skills are growing by leaps and bounds. Join in and share these milestones with other proud parents.

    Parenting: 1-Year-Olds
    Discuss the many wonderful challenges of raising your one-year-old with other moms and dads.

    Parenting: 2-Year-Olds
    The terrific and terrible twos! Share it all here with other moms and dads of toddlers!

    Parenting: 3-Year-Olds
    Your chubby little toddler is slimming down and becoming a lean, mean energy machine…share it all here.

    Parenting: 4 & 5-Year-Olds
    Your toddler is becoming a full-fledged kid! Join other proud parents in the joys and challenges of raising a preschooler!

    Parenting: Preschoolers and Grade Schoolers
    Come share your daily rituals, struggles, and triumphs in getting your children through the school years.

    Parenting: Preteens and Teenagers
    Teens and preteens -- walking, talking bundles of hormones, emotions, and insecurities. Get the parenting support you need here.

    Parents of Multiples: Support Group
    Drop in to chat with others about the special challenges of carrying, delivering and parenting multiples.