Parents dealing with FM/CFS kids/school issues

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    There has been some discussion again reagrding school issues for kids with FM/CFS. Below are two books that are great in helping parents understand what the LAW states about your child's rights to free education and developing an IEP/504. My daughter had no problem with the FM diagnosis when we sought and got the IEP under Other Health Impairment. It is under Special Education, but these kids NEED help in getting what they are entitled to and in the LEAST RESTRICTIVE METHOD for them to learn. She is in regular classes with her peers, an Honor Student, and is currently doing school through Homebound until she is strong enough to go to school again. Hope it helps. Connie

    A Parent's Guide to Cfids: How to Be an Advocate for Your Child With Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction by Dr. David Bell

    From Emotions to Advocacy - Wright's Law Second Edition, by Pam and Pete Wright
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    Thanks, I'll look these up.
    Take care.

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