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    Hi...I am the mother of a very busy 2 yr old boy. I also have fibromyalgia. He is currently in the stage of just getting into the big boy bed and just learning to open doors, climb over kid gates ect...Naps and bedtime are hell. He just keeps getting out of bed and leaving the room. I have not been able to take my sleep meds nor have I SLEPT in weeks. If I put a small eye and hook lock on the outside of his it safe.? Is it inmoral.? What can I DO.? PLEASE any info/input would be great.
  2. laceymae

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    have you thought about buying the alarms that you attach one part to the door and the other part to the door frame?

    the are sold at Walmart, they are also good to put on windows, and refrigerators.

    My nephew has autism, and is always wanting to cook and bake stuff, he would actually get up in the night and mix up stuff and try to bake it... we bought these alarms and have attached them everywhere that there could be a potential danger.

    The latch on the door works good too.


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