Parker Posey speaking out about LYME

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    this item is about 1/2 way thru the article at this link:

    Indie film queen Parker Posey has kept a low profile regarding her battle with Lyme disease since the announcement of her diagnosis in February. However, that's going to change soon.

    Posey lets us know she has turned to a holistic approach to get her health back with great success. Now she wants to use her experience to help others.

    First up, she's going to go out in support of a new documentary called "Rethinking Cancer" that tracks the experiences of five patients, four with cancer and one with Lyme disease, who took to alternative means of treatment including nutrition and detoxification and claim to have been disease-free for years, even decades.

    "As someone who dealt with Lyme disease recently, I had the opportunity to approach it both with conventional medicine (antibiotics) and homeopathic remedies and supplements," states Posey. "The first round of antibiotics did not destroy all the bacteria and I made a decision not to take them anymore and instead approach it purely holistically — through the help of my homeopathic doctor, who guided me with my diet and gave me the natural supplements to bring my body back to its vitality."

    The documentary will no doubt stir controversy, as Posey points out: "It raises the questions: How can a natural approach to healing oneself be considered so unconventional? Why do we think we can't play an active role in getting healthy? Why do we give ourselves away so easily to pharmaceuticals that deplete our system and confuse the natural healing process?"

    I sure hope she will also support 'Under Our Skin"!

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  2. Nanie46

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    I am glad she is getting better.

    I have nothing against natural treatments, but it may do more harm than good for a celebrity to take that stance.

    She hasn't had lyme that long. Months or years down the road, she could still be having symptoms.

    I also hope she supports "Under Our Skin" and the fact that many people do not get better without long term combination antibiotic treatment...but it doesn't sound likely.

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    but it's a start at least. Not many celebrities seem to have done much, much less that's high profile... the Lyme community needs someone really outspoken like Jenni McCarthy or Suzanne Sommers, etc... or unfortunately someone high profile who dies from a long-term battle. I am guessing a lot of Lyme people will contact her, and she will hear about the film, and watch it sooner than later.

    I do wonder how/wh/if Michael J. Fox has not exhaustively pursued the possibility that his prior case of Lyme is the reason for his problems now, they started about 3 years after he knows he had lyme from what I've read....

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    I've read almost all of her books. I do often wonder if she's got Lyme? She has written that she is deficient in growth hormone, has a low thyroid and burned out her adrenals 4 times and is currently taking 20 mg Cortef daily and had cancer twice (breast and uterine). For some reason she's not making the infection connection or working out the reason why she's got so many hormone deficiencies.

    I have high hopes that she will after her recent brush with Valley Fever or Coccidioidomycosis. In her latest book "Knockout" she interviews doctors who are curing cancer. In this book, she relays a story where she was rushed to the ER after an incident where she couldn't breathe. Doctors did CT scans and thought she had body wide cancer. Turns out it was a strain of Valley Fever and NOT cancer.
  5. victoria

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    I hadn't heard that.... altho from what I read of Valley Fever... one could get it regardless.