Parkinson's like shakes

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  1. Manwithfibro

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    Does anyone get shakiness even when not hungry?

    If I try to walk down stairs, my legs get wobbly and shaky.
    If I do any kind of weight lifting, I shake when releasing. This is even with very minor weights. It does seem like we are getting weaker.

    Bizzare stuff. Anyone experience this?
  2. Molegirl

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    Shaking/tremor is one of the symptoms I have that doesn't fit with anything, and the docs just kinda ignore it.

    I have a tremor in my left middle finger that's there all the time (started when I had my first big crash a couple of years ago). And I often feel like my upper body is buzzing or vibrating, but it doesn't turn into visible shaking until I'm tired or stressed (even just a negative conversation will start me shaking, it's weird).

    I also have the leg thing, upon moderate exercize my legs will shake.

    I've kind of correlated the shaking to being you find that? If I take a bath I'll start shaking, too. That's one of the reasons I suspected MS, but all my tests came back negative.

    One more thing: shaking/tremor is a symptom of hyperthyroidism, which is weird for me cause I'm hypothyroid...anyway, the thyroid meds did help my shaking for a while, but it has since come back.

  3. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    Yes, when I started getting tremor in jaw and hands plus an internal-like shaky feeling I went to a Neurologist who said I could actually have Parkinsons but wouldn't dx it until some time went by. A year later I was dx with FM and was told this is common because of the muscle weakness you can be shaky after doing any exercise or even without. So depending on what kind of doctor you see you may get different reasons for it. However, tremors from Parkinsons are a certain kind and a good neuro will know. I'm being treated by the neuro for restless leg syndrome also so I get checked every 4-6 months to see if I may be developing any true parkinsons and so far I'm not.

    My legs are also very weak which can be from FM plus I have arthritis in hips/knees. Stretches and walking help me somewhat but don't always have the strength to do. My physical therapist says that if your muscles twitch or tremor a lot after lifing, you are lifting too much - I have difficulty doing two pounders so this is not unusual.

    I've found that anti-anxiety meds like Klonopin help my tremors & good to ask your doc about.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Dorothy45

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    I have had tremors forever. So did my Mom, and one of my younger sisters. I can remember in 5th grade, a boy use to call me "Nervo", because of my tremors. I have been dx several times by different doctors with Essential tremor. The neurologist told me it is a benign disorder, and has Parkinson like symptoms. My tremors get worse as I am getting older. I have been treated with beta blockers and small doses of nan anticonvulsant. I quitetaking them, because I have no energy, and caught myself falling asleep behind the wheel. The beta blocker is used for high blood pressure control, and my pressure became too low. My Dad took my pressure several times, and he said that I was "dead". By the way, he was not a medical professional, and he was joking around. My current docotr treating me for a mild case of bipolar, put me on some anti seizure medecine for my depression, and said the medecine should help my tremors. It has helped at all, and sometimes I think the medication makes the tremors worse. My whole insides feel like they are shaking sometimes. What bothers me the most, are the comments I get from people who don't know me commenting on the tremors. HOW RUDE!!
  5. STEFFI43

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    My left arm has muscle spasms. They look like part of a convulsions they make my arm shake so much. Anything like that?



    I have the shakes every now and then and I have to wait until they stop. Soon after they stop, my heart is racing so fast....that I have to take a deep breath

    I notified my rhuemy and he prescribed Zonegram 100mgs. Rhuemy tells me that these are small seizures that we are having which is part of FM...and that this prescription will take them away.
  7. Elbryan

    Elbryan New Member

    I can walk on flat ground without to many problems but stairs thats something I try to avoid whenever I can. When i do stairs my legs feel like they are going to give out. Going to Neurologist tomorrow to see if anything else is wrong.
  8. loopyloo

    loopyloo New Member

    Hi I also am very shaky especially in the morning and i also feel like i can feel my whole body shaking and the last5 weeks i have been signed off work with high blood presure and stress and i shake quite a lot at the moment even when talking to people makes me shake, and the top of stairs thing i feel like my legs will give way and i will fall i have to hold on and go down or up stairs really slowly
    Loopyloo xx

  9. jka

    jka New Member

    my arms shake more then my legs.sometimes my hands shake so bad i can't hold a legs get a weak and shaky feeling if i'm having a bad day.just walking to the kitchen causes me to feel that way.

    kathy c
  10. layinglow

    layinglow New Member

    Yes, I have exactly the same symptoms, wobbly shaky legs. Arms that tremble if I try to pick up something--the weight can vary, it can be a thermus with coffee in it...something light enough, one wouldn't expect to cause such a reaction. Yes, I believe I am getting weaker, too.

    I have also gone beyond just shaking and trembling, and was suffering from twitching which progressed to myclonic jerking. My arms and legs were first affected and would just wildly fly. Then my torso, neck, and head became involved. The best I can describe it, is to say it looks like a seizure, but I am concious at the time.

    I take klonopin for this, now, and it has really helped with this, I can tell when the dose is wearing off as i begin to get shaky.
    You might want to read Dr. Chaney's article in the Library about "mini seizures", and klonopin therapy.
    Best wishes, ll
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