Part 2 Concerning my miracle man at church

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    Hi everyone,

    On a post a couple of weeks ago I shared about the man who said he wanted to help me on this big medical test and then said this is of the Lord. We left it that I would tell him when I wanted to do this test.

    Last week he was at the Super Bowl (I didn't know that at the time) and I missed him last week at church. My feelings about the whole thing were that he was going to have to initiate the conversation because I was not.

    I have to tell you that this whole thing was way out of my comfort zone in the beginning. I did believe however that it was from the Lord and who was I to not allow the Lord to bless me if He wanted to.

    Today was very strange indeed. I saw him in my Sunday school class and was just about to sit down at his table and someone said, Nancy, you are requested to sit over here at another table. I saw a friend of mine sitting over at another table. This friend never has been in a class with me and here she was right when I wanted to talk to this guy!

    I said Lord is this ever going to happen. I then knew I would see him in church as he sits a few rows in front of where I always sit. Then another friend came up and talked before the service. Finally right before the service starts he walks in and said did you think about what I said before. I said yes can we talk after the service. So we did.

    I talked first and told him about the IV's and that I had a chronic illness and I depended on these. I told him how much of a blessing he was to me and I told him about all of you and the worship board and how so many of you were blessed as well by his offer to help me financially. He was so pleased by that.

    He said during the service I was asking God how much should I give to her. He said I never carry my checkbook with me but he whipped it out and he said I brought it today for this. He said how much do you think you will need? Oh, my gosh. What a humbling experience. I said I don't know. I said I am a very independant person. He said I could tell that. LOL I said I am a giver and it is very hard for me to receive. I said I don't know. I just know that I really need these IV's and I don't know if the insurance is going to pay yet. He asked me how much they were.

    He said how about this. I will pay for your IV's for a month and then lets see what the insurance does. He said if you get reimbursed then you can use that money towards this test you want to take. He said I want to know if you need anymore help. He then said and let's work on a healing.

    I took the money. What a humbling experience that was. I just said that I would not take this money if I didn't believe that the Lord was in this. I said this has been a sign to me that the Lord really cares about me and my situation. I thanked him for being a vessel of the Lord.

    I have not been feeling well at all lately and I am almost too wiped out to have much of an emotional response to all of this. I know when it sinks in it will be quite a celebration for me.

    I do know that the first thing I want to do tomorrow is schedule some IV's PTL.

    This whole experience has been quite a learning adventure for me. It has been a lesson in trusting God. I have to admit that I feel like I have failed miserably at times in that area when I let my emotions get the best of me.

    This weekend I released the whole insurance co to the Lord and said I don't really feel anything Lord but I am giving it to you in faith. I am tired of fighting and I have done all I can. Now the fight is yours, God.

    Is it a coincidence that this happened today after I did that. I don't know. I just know that God can be trusted and that in the waiting he reveals many things about oursevles that we need to know to grow and to trust Him.

    I do know that you all have been so supportive of me and your concern, love and prayers have helped me get through a very, very difficult time. I still covet those prayers as I feel like I have taken a few steps back in my health and now hopefully I can move forward again.

    Thanks again. You are all still in my early morning bubble bath prayer time.


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    Reading this I had to stop so many times~~~~ the tears keep streaming down my face. This man is an angel for you. Praise the Lord. The whole story is so very humbling. I know that you are a strong, independent woman, used to solving your own problems. I know it is hard for you to accept and understand this situation. It feels like God is tapping you on the shoulder and saying, child of God, you are lovedl. I wish all on this worship board had angels to also solve their lifes problems.

    Now I pray that the insurance will work, that your teachers union can be of some help and that this crisis shall amend itself.

    The sun has shone on you dear. I won't even send private email as I could not think of a single thing to add.

    Now to get to the actual IV help and mend your body they way it needs.

    Would you please share the mans first name, that we may pray for his generous heart and soul.
  3. bandwoman

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    His name is Bill by the way. Yes, he is a wonderful man. I tried to schedule and IV and nothing is working so far. Ugh.

    I have the cell phone of the nurse and hopefully she can somehow fit me in. Another prayer request.

    Thanks for your encouragement and support.

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    I am praying that you can schedule an IV asap.

    Asa said beautifully what I would like to say. God has reminded you how much you are loved and valued through this very special man.

    I am so happy that you were able to accept his help. A coincidence that you handed this over to the Lord and then this happened? I truly believe that there are no coincidences. :)

    Love, Judy
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    Thanks for sharing, this is very touching, and yes it's hard to receive, but when we do, we allow God to bless the giver as well as us.

    God Bless you

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    We just need to take his hand.Linda
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    I am so very, very happy for you! You have met a true angel of the Lord!

    The Lord knows what is in your heart and mind and how you feel about him!

    Never forget that!

    Just let him lead!

    Love ya,
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    Wow Nancy, what a beautiful Story!!

    You are right God does care very deeply for you Nancy as he does for us all. He is always there we sometimes just need some help seeing it.

    Your story is very awesome though, if I do say so myself. What a wonderful thing for this man to do. I did not read part one of this amazing story, so I am sorry.

    How did you meet this man and has he been at church before? Either way, what a nice story.

    I am so glad you can get your medicine and start to feel better.

    Do you mind me asking one more thing? Why do you need IV's and what kind of medicine is in them? I am just curious since I don't think I have heard you talk about it

    God Bless you
    The Lord be with you

    gentle and Warm hugs

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    If you look on the previous page of posts the thread is An Amazing Thing Happened to me at church. You actually posted on it but I realize with all the threads it can be so confusing to remember who did what, when. Believe me, I understand.

    How are you feeling now that a few days have passed regarding the dog situation? I hope you are doing better. I have been praying for you and your family.

    Regarding your question about my IV's I will explain as much as I know. I started seeing an alt doctor 21/2 years ago. I was really struggling to see each school year through. By the time June came I felt like I had been beat up and run through the ringer. I have FM and the fatigue is really difficult for me. I am a band director of little kids and junior high age kids and it takes an enormous amount of energy each day to do my job.

    I don't do well at all with pain meds and it either adversely affects my stomach or my nervouse system. Most things just don't work for me. When I started with this new doctor I first started taking a huge amount of supplements. It costs a fortune every month but I had to weigh this out carefully and I still think it is the smartest way for me to go. I soon added the IV's because there is quite a bit of evidence that they help with both fatigue and pain. I had read the book From Fatigued to Fantastic and they talked about the Meyer's Cocktail which is a type of IV used for FM patients so when my dr mentioned IV's I already had a little knowledge of them and it didn't sound so out there if you know what I mean.

    Each IV is taylored to the patient. I actually have two of them. One was added after I showed my dr a newsletter from our own ProHealth. The added IV is glutethion. I have 21 ingredients in mine. Magnesium, VitC and B vit are some of the ingredients. The thought is that many FM patients have a malabsorbtion problem and the cells do not adequately receive the nutrients that they need. As you probably know IBS is a big part of the whole picture for FM patients.
    I have bloodwork to prove that what I am doing is affecting my cells in a positive way.

    It took several months before I even felt the typcial heat that you are suppose to experience with these IV's. I was so depleted that it took that long before I was getting the normal kind of heat reaction. Now I feel heat in the areas that I have pain. It is quite amazing actually.

    I have been without the IV now for 2 months and I have been feeling like I am wilting on the vine. Everything about me now has been a struggle. Physical, emotional, ability to deal with stress. All of these things have gone downhill. So that is why I have asked for prayer so many times regarding my insurance. I am expecting to get either approval or not of these IV's which is supposed to be covered and this new insurance has been a real pain to me and many others.

    So I hope this has answered your questions. I take very little prescription drugs at this point and have pretty much been able to manage things with all natural products. My dr, by the way used to be a traditional doctor for 15 years. So I feel very comfortable having him treat me. He is actually a brilliant man and very courageous doing what he is doing now. I think this kind of medicine will be the wave of the future.

    God Bless You.

  10. kgangel

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    Wow Nancy

    That is very interesting stuff you posted about the IV's, I thankyou

    I will look it up and learn more about them. I am glad they help you and that you will be able to take them again

    You will be in my prayers, as always

    May God continue to Bless you and help you through this