Part 2, The Bed...yay! I have a cold!

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    I have a regular ole' cold and I am pretending that when it passes, I'll be back to my old self again. How sad, to use a cold to pretend, but it's working.

    About the bed:

    This afternoon, as I was languishing on the couch with my flash-back -- got to stay home from school -- sniffles and and yuckiness, I saw the new infomercial for Aerobed. I demand my

    There are now toppers for both the spaceage foam and adjustable air mattresses.

    Fibromyalgia will make a blue collar person very poor eventually and I'm there. So, several months ago, I made my own version of what I saw this afternoon.

    I bought a ten dollar air mattress. I have a bicycle pump and I used the nozzle that came with my big exercise ball as an adapter.

    I inflated it just about a third full. Then I bought a couple of quilts for a few bucks at the local thrift store (the bigger the store, the less the money for quilts cuz they are really ugly). I cut the quilts and fashioned an envelope for the plastic mattress, leaving one side open to allow for shrinkage or adding air. The open side 'sides' are a bit wider so I can tuck them into place on the bed and still make a snug fit on the mattress.

    The only hassle is the noise that air-rubber units make when I turn over, but the quilts do muffle most of it.

    It is very comfortable. I don't have enough air to lift me off my regular mattress, but there is enough air to rise up and meet/cushion my various parts.

    This new Aero product is the same idea: a pad you put on top of your mattress with an air control. They offer a cover which would no doubt be desirable. The price is over my head but I can say that I am happy with my air thingy, as long as I'm not inflating it very much. Totally filled air mattresses are not very yielding.

    The foam mattress that goes for a thousand dollars has been reproduced as a topper, also. I may give that a whirl.

    It's just great that we can tweak our regular bed mattresses, don't you think?

    Getting out of bed is a pain, literally.

    I remember wishing I could stay in bed and now it's the last place I want to be, but leaping out of it is a no-no.

    I have found that doing just one thing gives me an edge. I learned this from Raquel Welch's book. I pull up one knee to my chest, wrap my arms around my knee and pull the knee into my body, gently, and just hold it there while I pay attention to my back. I learned to feel a "release" in my leg and back muscles.

    I do the other leg and then both -- if I don't have to get to the bathroom immediately.

    Once I sit up and have my legs dangling over the side, I sometimes do a stretch with one arm over the top of my head and leaning to the side. Again, I feel for a release of any muscles that need it.

    I used to feel so bad because I couldn't do whole exercise routines. But I have learned that just doing one thing really makes a difference, especially in the morning.

    Part 3, Pain Management

  2. Shirl

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    You have got to be German, we all have that inborn way of figuring things out without spending a fortune! That is a great idea. That bed sounds great and confortable, and didn't cost a months paycheck either.

    I modified mine too, I already had a Sealy extra firm, so I bought a featherbed, put it on top of that, then a mattress heating pad on top of the featherbed, the fitted sheet fits on the featherbed, so the cover is easier too (have you tried to pull a fitted sheet over a mattress lately???).

    I also do some stretching before I attempt to get out of the bed, but you gave me another idea with the knee pulling too.

    I also like the thrift stores, I have found some great handmade crochet throws that are beautiful and very warm for just a few dollars, I used to make these things, but not anymore, too much on the back now.

    Heres another idea for you, I have a one cup coffee maker that I keep on the bedside table, I put it on when I wake up, and drink my cup of coffee before I get out of the bed. Helps with the fog, and gets me to the bathroom without hanging onto the walls!

    Thanks for that great post, enjoyed reading it, some great ideas there.

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. karmageddon

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    I'm not German but I'm aging like one (barrel body/bird legs)... just kidding...but it's true!

    My favorite guys are Leibniz -- who I believe invented the computer in the mid 1700s -- and Schiller, not to mention Kepler and Riemann....on a desert island, I would choose Beethoven. I'm sorta cute, until I start talking: yap, yap, yap... so we'd get along fine.

    I have a bunch of tips of desperation. Here's my holiday invention:

    I have a typical kitchen with two wall switches to control two lights, one over the sink area and one over the counter-eating place.

    Well, you know how ugly it is to be in the kitchen and have just one of those lights on. Does *anyone* do that? The problem is that I have, like, two bulbs in each fixture and that sorta adds up in the wattage department.

    This Christmas I was thinking "dang, I'm going to have one lousy thing this year" and found a string of lights that were shaped into stars, 3 shapes. (starting to snicker) I got this beauty for about two dollars and figured it prolly didn't even work.

    When I finally got it untangled and stretched out, it worked, but someone had screwed up in the star placement department, so it goes: large, medium, small, large large... lol. I couldn't let the neighbors trip on that (Hey, Ethel... look over there...Bess has got a string of lights up that has two large ones together and they are not supposed to be, Bwaaahahahah...*belch* gimme another beer!)

    So, I thought there must be a reason I can't put this outside, wonder what it is? I looked around and... bingo!

    I stretched the string over my kitchen counter where I sit at one end and bang on my computer; eat, read bills, do stuff.

    I plugged them in and whoopeeee!!! I have plenty of light and I don't have to turn on *either* kitchen overhead light. When I want my hot chocolate, I just flip on the stove hood light.

    Now I can just parrrtaaayyy all the time! (I can make them blink about 6 different ways, too) :p


  4. Shirl

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    Bess, you have a great personality! I also like some of the German's you mentioned.

    Take care, and keep us updated on your inventions!

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. You should visit the Chit Chat Board, they have a lot of great people that go there, and they have lots of fun.
    You would fit right in.
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    Thanks Shirl!

    I'm hoping to be a contribution (did I spell that right? I'm staring at it and it's doing one of those melting into nonsense things).

    I'm very shy because I seem to open myself up for trouble when I'm like, totally free and... uh... well... me!

    I'm going to work on talking about things I've learned about this horrid illness; concrete things. Anything that invites an opinion is kinda slippery for me.

    I'll go snoop around there and see if I might be able to handle are very kind. I appreciate that so much.