part of our neck pain and our glasses

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    I just went thru a bout with my glasses and they were all out of adjustment.. but going thru this.. I happened to wonder.. with some of us.. wearing glasses and if they have to be worn daily.. if they aren't fitted to us right in the beginning and or get out of adjustment.. thru daily wear and all..
    Doesn't it make sense that we hold our necks differently and that would affect our balance?
    I went thru a few miserable days here.. the rain.. then it got nice.. and felt so bad.. but I noticed that I was holding myself different.. my posture and all.. so out of curiousity.. I wonder if that could be a bit of the problem too..
    As I said for ones that wear glasses.. I know there are alot of times, just going into a store.. and going thru the isles.. ( Of course we have the flourescent lighting..) too that aggravates but I would get dizzy.. or feel dizzy.. especially with the isles too close then the lights.. I dreaded going into the store.. but anyone have any ideas on this too? If You think it could be a bit of it added along with the neck pain..
    Plus.. sitting here at the computer.. I can't sit here long or I can hardly get up.. It makes me feel worse to sit.. plus the drying of the eyes from looking at the screen..
    Any comments or suggestions or ideas on this would be great..
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    Thanks for posting back..
    I haven't thought about that the glasses with no lines look better.. I was just concerned about it annoying me and being in the way?

    I have had to wear glasses since I was in first grade.. tried contacts for a bit but wasn't able to wear them very long because my eyes have always been so dry.. I did get back to get mine straightened out.. but they are still annoying me..
    'Back in 08 I believe it was. I was at a friends house and helping paint.. kept feeling like something was in my eye so we went over to his Eye Dr that he used to go to.. I wouldn't ever go to him again.. Talk about gving me anxiety which I already have to deal with but.. he said I have a vitreous detachment in my right eye. I have had it checked since then.. but it is so annoying to have..
    That Eye Dr said that I had a good chance of it in my left eye.. because my vision is so bad.. but. back to the glasses and the neck issue..
    I just got thinking about it .. like I said.. the way we walk.. our balance and our posture.. I kind of wondered if that wasn't a part or doesn't play a part in this Fibro.. for ones with Glasses..

    No I don't get in here very often.. but thanks my friend.. :)
    Usually when I do get online.. I am on a karaoke site that I go to and sing and listen to others.. Kind of takes my mind off my pain and problems.. but once in awhile I stop in and read things here at this site and once in awhile I ask something..

    Perhaps I will try the other glasses.. but I don't have any insurance that covers either.. I did hear the Lions Club helps but only I think 125.00 here in New York.. or maybe it is only in this County.. Perhaps it is more in another.. I'm not sure.
    Thanks again.. for replying back..
    Have a nice weekend. Healing hugs,

    ps I hear ya on the cataract surgery.. I'm thinking I may have one myself.. in the same eye that I mentioned.. I have to get an appt and get my eyes checked real soon..
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    I tried the bifocals with the lines and they confused my brain and bothered my eye's and made them tear up and cause me to have head ache's. I use the no lines and love them, I dont' notice the change's in focus in my glass's.
    I know that when I watch TV I need to put a pillow under my neck to keep my head in line and not stressing my eye's.

    We each like different things, I have had the no line bilfocals for 5 years now and they have not given me any problems. I make sure to get them adjuseted often to keep them sitting right where they should be. I make sure that the lense's are cleaned daily as I get grandbaby finger prints one my glass's.

    I don't know if I have helped you or not. I have heard of sites where you can get glass's for less money at down right low prices. IT works for both frames and lense's. I will ask my daughter what the name of it is. That way you can get a pair with out bifocals for the computer.

    Hope it helps.
    HUGS Rosemarie
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    It is always great to get other people's opinions..
    I do go Wednesday to see the Optometrist.. when I asked to see the Opthamologist.. she said can't see him till the end of June.. but figured at least get my eyes checked.. I've been going to Empire Vision and the guy there usually can fix them right up for me.. but this time he was on break.. and I had been in there already 2 times.. and so they were looking at me like.. Duh.. anyone can do this.. so I thought well I will try the woman.. but.. Wont do that again!.. She bent the ear piece I believe .. I can't see very well but I know she laid them down and could see where the one side was up higher.. ( bad me.. once in a while I fall asleep with them on.. ) but almost always I fall asleep on my back.. but.. I think when she did that.. it raised them up.. she got a bit annoyed with me when I said I don't think they are right.. and of course.. Im talkin.. I ask her if she ever has issues with glasses and she doesn't wear them.. only for reading.. DuH.. why they do that I have no idea.. they have no idea on how they fit another with the trifoclas.. and they don't have to really go to school for it.. like for alot of professions.. but anyways.. think she messed them up .. they aren't sitting on my face like they were.. a bit better after i turned around and went back within the hour.. and the guy tried.. but when I asked about.. wouldnt it be better if the nose pieces were taken off and put another set on.. he didn't answer.. which annoyed me.. lol by that time.. I wanted to cry because I jsut want to see out my glasses.. I had a sinus headache..
    Boy.. I was a mess to begin with.. if You experience anxiety . those who do. Know what i mean.. but then have the glasses do that.. It hasnt been fun the past almost a week..
    I will be ok.. and then feel it creep up on me.. and I just want to take them off and go to sleep and wake up and put them on and fit right and see.. out of the durn things!..
    Now the right side of the nose piece will move all over.. the left side is right tight..Arggggggg.. I just feel so frustrated.. so then I keep praying and asking God to help me thru this.. and tell myself it will be ok.. but.. when? lol.. I hope soon..

    sorry for the venting.. I m sure my friend doesn't or is tired of hearing it.. so after telling her the 2nd time.. I decided to not say anything.. she only uses reading glasses so she has no idea.. how hard it is..
    I explained to the guy that worked on them.. about the Fibro and the myofacial and said.. with the nerve endings all over on me and the anxiety that comes along with this.. is not helping matters. when things get changed or whatever.. it throws me in a tizzy .. lol Gosh..
    Now I know what my Gram used to go thru.. she was the same way.. My Mom too.... We all have the Fibro.. Thank You each and every one of You that replied.. I do so appreciate it..

    Back to the part of the computer and such.. I know that I'm not able to sit here for long periods.. it really hurts me too.
    You all have a good night.. and sending healing hugs.

    Have to add too.. when I was in there before.. the girl. a young one.. looked at them sand said they were ok.. the nose pieces were supposed to wiggle? then I told her I had to go out of town.. she turned .. looked at me and says.. Oh.. they're ok you're just getting a bit paranoid over it!.. duh..... lol for petes sakes.. so that had me upset to think some young girl tells me that.. I did't think that was nice of her to say to me.. so needless to say.. I didn't let her do anything with them. I waited. [This Message was Edited on 04/22/2012]