Part time or full time workload?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BraidieBunch, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. BraidieBunch

    BraidieBunch New Member

    Ok..folks. Here it is..I have been offered a great opportunity with a large health care provider as a CSR..Due to start March 6th on training..BUT...I am terrified of not being able to handle it all...I have been working part time about 30 hours a week since October. I worked 40 before...and have really enjoyed it. But not having health benefits is rotten. Any hints on if it is worth it? I am so afraid of "hitting Bottom" again...Hugs Braidie
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  2. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Hi. Do you have the energy now to do it? Is a CSR a customer service rep?

    is it physically stressful? If it's sedentary, try it out.

    My best to you.
  3. BraidieBunch

    BraidieBunch New Member

    Yes, as a Customer Service Representative, you sit at a desk all day...but that can be a bad think too...In my previous position, as a fulltime CSR i gained 20 lbs!!! Grr...Dont want to do that again...still trying to get off ten!!lol But, I cant seem to find a part time job that will not keep me on my feet like retail would...Dont/Cant do that. I dont have the energy..and with two boys at home, I really dont like being grumpy all the time...grrr...Oh..Fairy Godmother where are you?
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  4. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    Let's see, you are already working 30 hours and will increase to 40? Some would say 10 hours is not much, but I know you will definitely FEEL the difference.

    Although it would not be like adding 10 hours of physical activity like retail work.

    I work at a desk full time. Sometimes I have to remind myself to stand and stretch or to walk around for a while. Will you be glued to the phone? Able to move around?

    I would probably try it because I can't get insurance anywhere else except under a group policy.

    Good luck!
  5. BraidieBunch

    BraidieBunch New Member

    You are so right....30 to 40 isnt that big a difference! But some weeks it feels like one hundred hours! I am a single mom with two boys at home ages 10 and 13. I have gotten so spoiled with the 830 -230 hours, that I forgot what exhaustion u feel after a full 9 hours of being away from home. I have noe energy and am going to start looking under my kids beds for enrgy tablets...they have to have them hidden! Youth is wasted on the young!!! Braidie
  6. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I'm going to look under there and see, but I bet the giant dust bunnies at my house ate them up.

    Bradie--I wish you well, no matter what you decide.

    Is the current job at another place of business from the job opportunity? What I am getting at is, if 40 hours is too much, will they let you scale back your hours?

    Also, will they let you use flex-time? I can come in later in the morning and get off later in the day. I'm fortunate to be able to do that. That helps a lot, expecially on mornings that I just can't get going.

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