part time work and approved for ssi/ssdi?

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    I have applied for ssi/ssdi and currently work VERY part time. Can anyone tell me if they have been approved for ssi or ssdi while they worked part time. I only work like 4 hours per week and don't make even half of the allowed $800 per month I was told you can still earn. Thank you for responding. Hugs to all the other chronic pain sufferers! I have fibro, cfs and depression too.
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    As far as I know if you work you'll just be deducted from your monthly ssi check. So if the maxium ssi payment is $800 and your monthly earned wage from work is $350, then your ssi check would only be $450. SSDI is different because it is disability insurance money, so you can still have an income just as long as it's not from full time work.
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    thank you for your response swede, but i was wondering if you were approved for either ssi/ssdi while you worked part time. i heard somewhere that they may hold it against you if you work part time, thinking if you can work a little then you can work more, and therefor they deny people. where you working when your disability was approved? thanks again for any responses!
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    If I understand correctly, it is okay to work part-time (under $860/mo) once you are approved for SSDI. But -- how often does re-evalutation come up? And, if we work on a very limited basis while on SSDI would that be held against us in the re-evaluation -- for the same reason as working during the initial application process. Any help here?


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    I was approved SSI, and did'nt work at the time.

    Now,..every so often I'll get a letter in the mail from SSA saying that if I wanted to work part time my earnings would'nt be accounted for.
    So,..I understand that you can keep all your monthly check,and work part time.

    someone told me that you could work up to 15 hrs a week and not have it take away from your check.
    (??.... not sure if its true but I think so)
    as I've heard it more than once before.

    hope this helps~
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    thank you all for your responses. I am waiting for a finding on the reconsideration phase. I don't know about what happens down the road concerning any re-evaluations. good luck to all of you guys who have applied too. we'll have to wait and see what happens. thanks again for all your responses.
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    Here is further information I have learned from a disability attorney. He said it is best if one does not work during the time of applying for disability. If you do, it gives Social Security a foothold in proving the you actually can work. Also he said he would advise not working after receiving disability. Technically you can earn up to $860/mo, however, he said that when you are re-evaluated if you show regular work it would be held against you for continuing on disability. He said Social Security is not interested in how much you earn but are interested if you regularly work in the re-evaluation process (and, I suppose in the initial application). So -- he said you could earn a couple of hundred bucks every now and then but it is to your disadvantage if you regularly work. Sorry if I explained this in a confusing way.

    Best of luck,

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    I was told that if i applied for disablity then I had to be 100% diabled. Now I think there is an age thing in there to. I am 43. I think when you get into your 50's they are more apt to approve you because of your age. I talked to the lawyers handling my case and was told its in the psycologists hands and they should have an answer in 2 months. First of all I dont have a psycological problem.
    This is an answer to my appeal. Please pray for me that it is approved!!! I have been waiting over a year and a half. Just a little over a year since I filed for permanent disability. I dont mind the two months if it gets approved but if they deny it again........ My poor husband has his own problems and now he is working 6 to 7 days a week just to keep up. I am afraid if we dont get approved that I am going to lose him because he never gets a break and I feel so guilty but if i go and work 1 day I have to start this process over and lose all the back pay that I should be entitled to. I hate the government and their rediculous rules about whether or not we should be approved to spend the money that we earned.
    I just dont get that.
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    SSA knew WHY I was working(4 hours per month). During my divorce(middle of my 6 yr. battle for disability)I was told that if I do not have a job,they would take away my custody and place my son with his idiot dad.(with the Family Court Commissioner temporary hearing,not the final judge hearing)So I found a part time cleaning job.(at my own pace and very flexible with day,like if I was feeling bad on a certain da,I could do it the next)I made sure that SSA knew the reason WHY I was struggling to work.
    3 years after my divorce,I did win my disaibiltiy claim.I promptly quit cleaning.(I did not lose custody)