Partial denture? I need one,.. have questions. please

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  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Hi guys~
    last yr it was said that I'd be needing a partial upper denture of probably 5 teeth.
    well, not wanting it,.... I put it off (like everything else)
    so here I sit today with a broken off front tooth that needs attention asap!!
    It broke off saturday eve. not pretty

    so I started looking around at partials,prices,and materials used in making them.
    Can anyone reccomend a brand or kind thats comfy enough and looks kinda natural?
    Were yours put in emmediatly after extractions? (sp off? sorry)

    I'm nervous about the outcome. I'm soon to be 46 yrs old.
    :( and Oh so not happy about this~ (but I gotta do what I gotta do)

    any input from you is helpful,
  2. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Hi Tandy - I got a partial last summer for three teeth. As it was three teeth all in a row I was able to get a completely plastic partial. It looks totally natural and you don't notice it (unless you know what to look for and even then, you would have to be really looking for it).

    My mom has a metal partial and you can notice the metal clips on it. Once again, you have to be up really close and looking directly into her mouth to notice it.

    You won't get replacement teeth immediately after the extraction as partials, like dentures, are custom made by a denturist to fit your mouth. Also, you need to let the extraction site heal first. I waited a long time (12 years) before I finally took the plunge and got the partial. Silly me was waiting until my CFS cleared up, however, I finally did a reality check and realized that that day was probably a long way off yet :)

    It takes a while to get used to the feel of the partial in your mouth. I didn't have any problems with mine, however, it took several months before I got used to it. You have to learn to speak with the thing in your mouth. I slurred my words for months. You should also expect to have to go back once or twice to have the partial adjusted to fit your mouth exactly right.

    I would recommend phoning around to several dentists in your area and getting the name of a good denturist. Also, it is cheaper going directly to the denturist than letting your dentist act as the middle man. They are going to jack the price up to get their share of the profit. Cost wise - they aren't cheap, at least here in Canada. I paid $900 for three teeth. I don't have any insurance so I had to pay the entire cost myself. At the end of the day though, it was worth the money.

    Besides the cost of the partial, there could possibly be some further dental work that you will need to get done before you can get a partial. For example, if I had gone with a metal partial, it would have required that I got a tooth on the other side of my mouth shaved as there wasn't enough room for the clip on the partial to hook on my tooth.

    You might want to make an appointment with a denturist, explain the work that you are going to have done by your dentist, and have him or her go over your options with you, and give you a rough estimate of what they think the cost of a partial will be. This will give you a better idea of whether or not you want to go ahead and get all of your teeth removed now, or wait until a later date.

    I'm happy with my partial, and wish now that I had gotten it years earlier. By the way, the average life of a partial is five to seven years. Having said that, my mom has had hers for 20 years at least, and it is still in really good shape and she doesn't anticipate having to replace it for years yet.

    Good luck!

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  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Hi Tandy
    oh my gosh we are in the same boat inregards to the teeth diliema!

    I have a broken off eye tooth and now its causing problems,so I go thursday to have it pulled.

    For the past 6 months I have been trying to decide what to do about the mouth. Dentures,paritals etc.

    Current dentist said 20,000.00! Whoa! So after reading what there was on the board I decide no root canals-no metal fillings(mouth is full of them). Im still researching materials .

    How do you do in general at the dentist? Its a nightmare for me can't tolerate the shots and generally won't numb. big flare follows.

    wish I could answer more but Ive been in same boat and putting off. If I learn more on materials ill post. Prices very from dentist to dentist. The one I'm seeing now is pricey.

    best of luck dont wait to long like I did it impacts your health and then theres infection.
  4. ANGELS328

    ANGELS328 New Member

    hope you find a good solution. i have fibro and sjrogens along with a long list of other problems, and more new things each day. i went to the dentist today i only have about 12 teeth left in my mouth. and cavities in 8 of those. they said i need a partial upper and lower, and 3 crowns who can afford it. i have dental insurance throught my job but you still only get 1000.00 to 1500.00 per year. there should be a better way or some where to apply for assistance. check with your health dept to see if they have any suggestions. good luck hope you find some one to advise you well. the last time i had a tooth break about 8 months ago the dentist said no problem we can pull it and i was in the dental chair for over 4 hours and then 2 weeks later when it was not healing ended up going to an oral surgeon to get a peice out that the dentist left in. it is still not healed right. my husband got a upper denture he has it put in the same day his teeth were taken out.

    good luck
    angel hugs
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  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I've been researching the pro's and cons of partials vs. full upper dentures all day!!
    yea,... it sure looks like the plastic/rubbbery type looks best as far as comfort goes.
    yet I don't like the acual looks of any of em!!
    I wish I was'nt in this boat, but I am.
    I'm also, without insurance. so whatever the cost I will have to pay.
    (some cash/some I'll charge I guess) this stinks!!
    I was looking online into dental plans. ??? is anyone familiar with them?
    you pay so much a yr and certain dentists agree to take between 30 & 50% off the procedures done. ?? I wonder how good/legit that is??
    still looking for more input if anyone else wants to help :)

    thanks again girls~
  6. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    What is this? "I had a front tooth break" week? This not only happened recently to me but also to my dad.

    Like you I have been putting off going to the dentist and it is getting to the point where I may have no choice.

    At one time I did have dental insurance through my work. It only covered 10% which was hardly worth it and could not afford even the 10% discount.

    The other thing was that the dentist that took the insurance were not very good and had a bad experience with one. I don't think he was up on the latest techniques of dentistry. I am surprised he did not use pliers to extract a tooth, LOL.

    Now I do not know if this was just my experience and would like to know if more people have had the experience of dental insurance which only covered dentist who are not the best.

    I do know that right now, I probably would not even be able to afford dental insurance.

    So I am torn. Should I pay my taxes first or go to the dentist. At least the IRS lets me make payments as I am still paying for the year before disability when I was making $45,000 more.

    Take care.
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  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    After reading your reply I'm sitting here thinking ,... how s**tty our healthcare system really is!!
    I'm all for helping your neighbor but when our own people our struggling to the point where they have to decide between food or a dentist,...or paying taxes or getting medical care,... theres something seriously wrong here!!
    it makes me so angry.
    and yes,.... I had medicaid for yrs,.... (one reson why my teeth are in such bad shape) for one,... hardly a dentist will take medicaid,.. and when you do find one that'll take it,.... they are NOT good at their job!! Maybe they are just out of school or something??
    alot of the work I had done by medicaid drs. just fell apart. its as if I have'nt been to the dentist in 10 yrs!!
    uuuugggghhhh!! I surely don't wanna go into debt for dentures!!
    (my MIL paid $3,000 for hers in 2001) Thats alot of cash!!
    thanks again

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