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    My partner of 11 years has FM. He is independent and needs no care, but appreciates what I do for him. Is there a support group for us out there? I am finding it difficult to research, as so many FM patients are female. Probably generalizing here, but the heterosexual male partners of FM patients have a different mindset and have different issues than I have. I am open to any help that is out there. I feel like such a jerk sometimes because I get upset when we can't do something because of a bad FM day. I would like to find people who understand to we are affected by FM too. It is NOT NEARLY AS DIFFICULT for us as it is for our partners who suffer from FM, but if there is help out there, please direct me to it. Having a tough time here.


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    Welcome to our website. You are to be congratulated for being so caring and thoughtful. We have a caregivers board here. You can find it by clicking on message boards in the upper left-hand corner and selecting the caregivers board from the drop-down menu. There are people there who are in your situation and may be able to help or, at least, share experiences.

    Best of luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was going to tell you exactly same thing, these conditions affect family too. So yep the carers board is here. If you ever fancy asking us a question though feel free

    kind regards

  4. FMPartnerColorado

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    I found that thread after I posted here. So, I posted there too. Thank you both for your direction. Wish I had not waited so long to look for help.

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