Parttime work while APPLYING for disability

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    I have posted this question, but guess it wasn't worded right. Many have told me you can work while on disability, but my question is, can you be working part-time earning $800.00 or less while APPLYING for disability.

    The requirements for applying for disability state that you can, but when I talked to Scott Davis office they wouldn't work with me unless I was not working. I am caught in a catch 22 which I will post about for support.

    Has anyone been working part-time while APPLYING for disability and been granted disability?

  2. puddin827

    puddin827 New Member can't be working while trying to get disability. It says that in all kind of things I have read. "No gainful employment expecting to last 1 yr.or more"
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    and your local ssa attorney's office and speak to them...i did work...and makde over the sga amount...

    not sdi ran out, my child support was not coming...i would've be otherwise homeless...i had applied for tanf(welfare) the worker i had referred me to calworks...i thought how the heck can i do this...

    i found a job right away qualifications weren't my problems, my health was/////

    i had to get three surgies within 6 months....but i was trying to follow the welfare rules...

    finally the calwork lady called me one day and said jodie we can not have you work or we could get into trouble...and if i was still unable to work after a year they would make me apply for ssi/ssdi in the meantime...i told her i already applied....

    so anyways the judge never brought it up in the hearing, but they had all the info from edd...

    yes won my case....

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    same thing...if you can draw uneemplyment ssdi/ssi does not look at that..

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    you can not draw unemployment and file for ssd, the reason i know this is i tried, they told me that to be able to draw unemployment you must be able to work and to file for ssd you must not be able to work so go figure take care
  6. 69mach1

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    that took my application..maybe it was because i waited for so long after my sdi ran out..i filed for unemployment...but i know i did it during it also...

    and attorney said don't worry about it judge reite is didn't come up during the hearing at all
    they do not county that against you on as sga...

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    did you check yet?

    as my attorney told me as well as lomattas' sorry on spelling...can't remember...

    it works in your favor if you can not complete your job due to your illnesses....

    if you need money check a temp agency...

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    I will check out