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    Has anyone here who has tested positive for Parvovirus tried the IVIG treatment?

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    Hi M,

    I saw in an earlier post that you are a patient of Dr. Galpin's. So am I, in fact I go back to him in a week. Is he treating you with IVIG or are the UCLA drs? Just curious, I will go over my lab work with him when I see him.

    Hope you get some answers!
    Take Care,
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    Hi there,

    Well, Dr. Galpin had mentioned it, but my's strange, since this all started, most of it is pretty good/normal. But then there's things just...wrong. Like my IGG. And then, in the same batch, positive for Mycoplasma pneumonia, and Parvo. Active, or no, or affecting me...who knows?

    Dr. Galpin had suggested that I see a rheumatologist, I had seen one a year ago, and had been sent packing.

    The Rheum. that Dr. Galpin suggested had a long wait. So, I started doing a huge amount of research, trying to find a rheum/immunologist that may have some familiarity with my particular symptoms and bloodwork. I emailed a number of doctors (just to see if they'd respond). And this doctor at UCLA wrote me back very quickly, and I went in.

    They're looking into Common Immune Deficiency, but so far the other markers for it have come back okay. (my IGG is low).

    Anyway, to answer your question, the IVIG has been suggested by both Galpin and the UCLA doctors...but it's still a bit up in the air. I'm waiting for a couple of tests still. Anxiously.

    The reason I asked the original question is that I have read a lot about Parvo after testing positive. And the IVIG has very mixed results, apparently with "CFS"....though some very great results if the illness seems to be caused or triggered by Parvovirus.

    I've read a number of posts here from people who have used's a bit confusing. A few wrote that it gave them an energy boost....which isn't exactly what I would expect. (See, I feel SICK a lot of the time, the exhaustion is just part of it). And a number of others have written that it didn't help at all. Just searching for folks with similar past/present infections and treatments.

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