Parvovirus or candida dieoff?

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    Shar6710 bumped up a post by -ouch- recently about the slapped cheek syndrome and for me it was very timely.

    The story is: sorry rambling but do have points in here somewhere.

    Since my oldest son has been ill, I have been trying to address health issues pre-emptively for the rest of the family. I knew that I would be stressed beyond all recognition so started using a womens formula multi and have been manageing fairly well. However upon adding in different supplements I have noticed that I seem to be creating a die-off effect. Sort of experimenting on myself with the things that we're trying to help Jordan. Some things are not 100% since my MG but for me 'normal'. Evidently my body had created a balance of sorts that allowed me to function and now I am messing with it.
    In a positive way I hope.

    I have noticed that taking probiotics and Threelac causes my upper sinuses to ache and burn as well as a sinus headache.
    I began to have upper neck and tense shoulder pain. Same thing with garlic. And have been getting tired more easily.
    Also slightly bloated and constipated with lower abdominal pain.
    So I can sympathize if this is how Jordan and you all feel all the time only more so, OMG. And I try to be careful about giving him the probiotics and other anti-viral stuff staggered out so as not to cause these types of symptoms to be extreme on top of everything else he is suffering.

    I have been on warfarin for years since a DVT so decided to try the enzymes to clean the blood and also the grapeseed extract. Since then I've had the major vein in my leg swelling up in different places, painful to touch and red on the outside in that area. Feels like its being roto-rootered. I am being careful with using the warfarin and other blood thinning supplements. By the way, its the other leg that had the clot. I also have some knee joint pain swelling regularly and the anti-virals supplements Vineyard Blend takes that away for the day.

    Lisapetrison had questioned something about more people actually living with a mild form of CFS and not knowing it.

    Which brings me to the slapped cheek/Parvovirus.

    I am trying to be more attentive to the complaints of my youngest son. He just turned 10. He has been mentioning lately more and more different and vague symptoms. Recently he has complained of bladder pain, and did not test positive for a UTI. And my doc says boys don't usually get these. At one time he was wetting himself at school and did have a UTI. So since this was the second or third time he had him do an xray and came back nothing, so I suspect cystitis. His favorite food is pasta so we've cut that way down. And sugar. He also has a hereditary noctural enuresis from his fathers side.
    Anyway, he has put on quite a bit of weight the last few years and can't really tell why. He is very active and eats more fruits and veggies than the rest of us. But we all used to participate in "SAD" American diet. So now I begin to suspect candida with him as well. So he is also taking the occasional probiotic. But when I gave him Threelac recently, he immediately complained of upper sinus pain and headache and indigestion. And funnily had an instant sugar craving. He has been on antibiotics recently and over the course of his life. He is just getting over sinus infection and bronchitus. Tryed it again the next day, same thing. Then Friday he is complaining of extremely dry feeling skin, itchy and slightly painful. Cheeks are red looking and hot feeling when I kiss him goodnight. So I think he is having detox through his skin.

    But then I read the slapped cheek Parvovirus B19 and wonder if that isn't maybe it instead. Since the rash presents after the 'cold symptoms'. But the red cheeks had cleared up by the time he woke up. Don't think Jordan got tested for the Parvovirus.

    Or we could just have a sick house. Erikmoldwarrior and others posting about hidden molds in your house. The previous owner also put out a lot of those pestiside bait stations for ants and rats etc. under and around the house. It has also been treated for termites. Both my sons have gotten this way since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. Jordan however showed some pre-disposition before that in hindsight. So I will be watching and documenting my youngest more carefully now and not just assuming its the usual stuff.

    We will be moving soon, this month, so we'll see if anyone shows any improvement after that.

    Sorry this is probably quite disjointed and can't tell myself if I'm making sense. This is probably the only quiet time I'll have all day as usual, so trying to get my rambling thoughts out.

    Normals aren't normal.

    Better day to everyone!

  2. balletdancer74

    balletdancer74 New Member


    I'm not sure I comprehended eveything you said (it's me, not you), so bare with me.

    I have M.E., FM/MPS complex, recently diagnosed now with Lyme, Candida, IBS, GERD, small pituitary adenoma, and contracted parvovirus three years ago from a CAT...etc.

    With all of that said, I'm just going to tell you how I treat my candida/yeast and how I treated the parvovirus...Feel free to ask me questions as I'm sure I'm missing something.

    I've been on diflucan, mycostatin, probiotics (Lactobacillus by Culturelle, but each probiotic is different and we should change which ones we take every six months or so) and a yeast free diet. I was very strict about following this plan and had major die off/herxing. It felt like I had a ubiquitous FM flare and slight M.E./CFIDS relapse...At least I know the "protocol" was working. Nevertheless, one has to be very careful with one's liver when on mycostatin/nystatin. I was only on it for a couple of months.

    The yeast never fully goes away, but it can be kept in check. I didn't feel my body pain subsided, but my incessant head pain (24/7) sort of eased up. It felt like my head was less in a fog and felt less pressure. I also had more energy/strength. My stomach was also less bloated, and my GI system worked more "normally" again...Everyone is different, however. Some find their pain diminish tremendously.

    As for Parvovirus, first I should say that I've been allergic to cats/dogs since I was a child. I had no idea my friend's cat was going to scratch me on my face, on my nose, by my eye and on my hands!! Less than two weeks later I developed a very itchy (worse than eczema) rash on my right leg (strange looking rash) and chest which sunlight worsened. I went to one of my doctors and simply showed him my rashes. He asked if I had been around a cat. I swear - I thought he was a mind reader! lol I never mentioned the cat before. Anyway, he said I had parvovirus. I than tested positive through bloodwork. I never had a rash on my face which is not necessary for diagnosis.

    So, my FIRST round with parvovirus consisted of the insane rashes and a slight increase in my "malaise." Than my friend swore the cat's nails would be trimmed and I was scratched again by this INSANE cat. My fault - shame on you the first time and than shame on ME the second time. lol So, this time I around I became re-infected. I developed new symptoms, a magnification of my usual symptoms of M.E., FM, etc. My head pain was even more unbearable and bizarre. I thought I was dying...yet again. I hadn't been that sick since the day I became full blown sick with M.E., FM, etc.

    The only "treatment" was chicken broth, liquids (red powerade for me) and rest. Pain killers have never worked for me, so I suffered nearly six months in this way. I treated it as a virus. There were realll no antivirals for me to take at that point since I had been infected for so long already. I'm also beyond hypersensitive to meds, herbs, foods, etc.

    People with compromised immune systems or a blood disorder become much more ill when infected w/ parvovirus. It also takes a lot longer to go away. I've never been "quite the same," but I'm much better. The chicken broth/liquid diet with rest really did work. My neuro of all people stressed that to me! Go figure.

    I now stay away from ALL animals. I never pet anything. I'm way too "delicate." Doctor's orders too.

    I had my friend tested for parvo, and he came out negative. He never got or had it. I have no idea how his cats got it (yes, he has two cats but only one "insane" one. ha!), but he used to let them play with dogs who can die from parvo if not vaccinated.

    So, yes, parvo can be contracted by an animal IF the person has an immunocompromised system like many of us. Otherwise, it wouldn't really matter. I know - sounds like a Stephen King novel! lol I can laugh now...wasn't laughing than.

    I'm so sorry to hear that you, your children, husband...are all sick in some way.

    Perhaps an immunologist or infectious diseases specialist would be good. Even a rheumatologist just to at least take some thorough tests...Have you seen a good allergist?

    Hope I made sense as I was sort of all over the place w/ my response, but I wasn't quite sure what you were asking in every respect (again, not not understanding) but wanted to share my experiences with candida and parvo...

    If you have any questions for me, please ask away...

    I hope you figure out what is causing such illness in your house. Yes, it's true that black mold is so toxic it can even kill, so have your house checked, but perhaps you all ate something as well? I suggest keeping a log of everyone...I blow up a calendar and keep notes...

    LB32 (Leeza)
  3. lrgatplay

    lrgatplay New Member

    Thanks balletdancer74.
    No its not you. I was pretty much just rambling with mostly just observations.

    I was questioning whether my son had been experiencing a parvo or a candida reaction though.

    But I thought you couldn't catch the parvo from pets.
    We are loaded with pets. I had to clean up some major messes from one dog being sick the other day. eew.

    He is still itching, but no red face.
    I haven't given him any Threelac for a few days.
    But will try again every few days as I really think candida might be a problem. Due to his response to the Threelac.
    And antibiotic use.

    I get really itchy myself around the neck and shoulders these last few years. Especially in the warmer weather.

  4. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    Hi Irgatplay I had a little trouble following all the info in your post too.

    I don't like to disagree with balletdancer but I have to wonder if what she had was Bartonella which is also known as "cat scratch disease".

    I am not aware of any documented cases of Feline or Canine parvo infecting a human. I worked at two different clinics and no special precautions were used to protect ourselves from parvo. And found this info on a veterinarian website:

    "Parvoviruses are a large group; almost every mammal species (including humans) seems to have its own parvovirus. Fortunately, each virus is pretty specific about what animals it can infect (i.e. the pig parvovirus will not infect people, the canine parvovirus will not infect cats etc.) The canine parvovirus will affect most members of the dog family (wolves, coyotes, foxes etc.)"

    I did find it interesting that your son has bladder pain which I suffered from for years and which although mine has improved it has not completely resolved and still flares up at times.

    I don't know if it means anything or not. I know other on the board have tested positive for Parvo exposure and I wonder if they have bladder trouble.

    I would type more but my husband cut his finger cooking dinner and wants me to come finish chopping...


  5. lrgatplay

    lrgatplay New Member

    Hope your husbands finger is okay. My husband had to have about 15 stitches in his this past week.

    Not sure is my boys bladder problem is related to anything or not.
    But the slapped cheek thing and itchy sure sounded like what he may have had.
    I think Jordan may have had that Bartonella when he was small. He got a cat scratch on his tummy that ended up with these really hard pimply type things on it. The doc had to dig some of them out with what looked like a tiny scoop.

    I guess my post didn't make much sense to anybody but me.
  6. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    HI Guy's..
    Thought this might help. My husband is a Dr-Veterianarian and I just asked him and he said no, the human parvo virus is different from animal virus and you can not get it from cat scratch.

    Best wishes!

  7. balletdancer74

    balletdancer74 New Member individual who has a compromised immune system CAN contract parvovirus from a cat. I did a lot of research years ago.

    I spoke to vets (of course they're going to defend animals over a human! lol), and I searched the internet. I finally found (wasn't easy), along with my brother, some articles that mentioned cases where humans WITH an immunocompromised system (I'm not talking about "healthy" people.) had contracted parvo from a cat.

    And no, I did not have cat scratch fever. I was tested for parvo three times and came out positive every single time.

    The only thing I regret is not having saved all the articles I found on how a human with a compromised immune system or blood disorder can contract parvo from a offense cat lovers...


  8. lrgatplay

    lrgatplay New Member

    Of course you are so right. I have in fact already backed off. I was trying to alternate the warfarin and garlic supplements. Will actually be having my lab today to check this. I thought it was the maybe the grapeseed extract actually, or maybe the combination of that, garlic, and enzymes.

    I had no idea that Threelac was that powerful. We were only using 1/2 package each. We had a probiotic with like 8 billion and 8 types and didn't have this reaction. I will find something milder for my son, as it's obviously an issue. I'll have to reread that post on the cream of tartar. and the Molybdenum.
    I'll get him to drink more water and add lemon. But I've only been using about 1/4 of a large lemon for Jordan about once a day so maybe should add more.

    Also the dog. Thanks for that info. We have one dog, a husky shepherd mix, that has a recurrent ear problem. I also remember reading here about some kind of green food supplement for dogs.

    I have spent so much time researching, and you never know until you try. Now I know more.

    Thank you so much for the helpful comments.

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