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    I was given blood tests by a doctor to try and find out what was wrong with me....The standard Autoimmune tests..RA...but this time they also tested for Parvovirus (The human one)....I tested postive for it and they asked me to come back in to discuss it....My appt. is on Friday...I know that other viruses have been found to cause FM & CFS....Does anyone out there know what this Parvovirus is?? I thought only animals could get this!
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    Hi Jenna,
    I developed fibromyalgia after being infected with parvo virus in 1995. It's a common childhood virus called fifth disease which is usually a 2 week virus with a lacy rash. My rheumatologist told me in rare cases it can cause joint pain in adults. Sometimes the pain clears up after several months but if it continues past a year your stuck with it. The parvo virus triggers FMS or arthritis in people who are suceptible to these diseases. Treatment is the same as standard treatment for fms or arthritis. Hope this helps.
    Take care,
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    There was an outbreak of Fifth's disease (Parvo) in my area around the time I got sick, but I have never been tested for it. I am seeing an infectious disease dr. in two weeks, so will definitely ask about that as well as some of the other viruses . . . the only one with me ruled out was EBV. My two year old cousin got sick the same month as me and several people in their neightborhood had Fifths disease then. That is what they thought he had, but then discovered he has Leukemia. Later, I found an article linking Leukemia in children to Fifth's disease in rare cases. I wonder if he and I could have gotten sick from the same virus???? Best of luck to you . . . Terri
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    My dr said that my positive test on Parvo indicates past exposure. Don't the anti-bodies stay with you a long time? He said that it didn't indicate recent exposure. Unsure what to make of this.

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    Thanks for the reply!! Sorry it took me so long to get back...I wasnt sure how to check my replies..New here...

    I had a few other replies that said they also tested positive and have the same symptoms that I do and have FM AND/OR CFS

    My theory is that this Parvivirus is reoccuring similar to the herpes virus and HPV...When I have these relapses it feel the same as when I first got the a really bad case of the flu...I want to look in to getting on some sort of an anti-viral medication that will prevent or lessen the severity of relapses...What do you think?
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    hey, just wanted to say that I just got back from doc, and to my surprise I was positive for the Parvo virus too. I asked if there were any antivirals I could take, but he said there weren't.

    does anybody know anything more about this? cheers.