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  1. sixtyslady

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    Loving God.
    there are times in each life
    when there is no one.
    no one with whom to share
    a word
    a laugh
    a sad remembrance
    a gentle touch
    a fond embrace
    a kiss of love.
    Bless each one who suffers
    from such loneliness.
    Enrich life with a friend
    or a gentle stranger
    who will spend a moment.
    and loving.
    in those times
    your love shines through,
    the world is reborn
    and Christ is known.
    So be it. Amen

    Vienna Cobb Anderson

    we're not alone friends. hugs sixtyslady
  2. windblade

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    I think there is always a loneliness that can't be filled even when we are with people who we love and who love us.

    That is our hunger pains for more of God. To receive him more - for a closer union. Someday that hunger will be completely filled.

    Love, Judy