Passover...Lenore and Anyone Else

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ksp56, Apr 19, 2008.

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    I will be thinking of you on this very Sacred Day. It must be wonderful, even with all the work you put into the weeks prior.

    Enjoy your family, and friends. I love tradition. Especially ones filled with much love, and many blessings.


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    Hope you have a lovely holiday. Lenore, I hope you can take a break or rest. Like a hot bath this evening? I was reading how much you are doing and getting a little worried. I did both Christmas eve and Christmas dinner last year and was in bed for one full week afterwards. Anyways, not to put a damper on it. I hope all goes well.

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    Awww, Kim, you are just too sweet! Thank you for the warm wishes. I also love tradition, especially when they are about love and blessings.

    I have two non Jewish friends and two non Jewish kids (friends of my daughter) coming tomorrow night. They have come before-- we all respect each other's beliefs so everyone can see what other faiths do in their traditions. Is it worth the work and the inevitable flare? Gee, I sure hope so....

    Molly, I put in 14 hour days the last 4 days and am headed for a nap right now. I calendared in my "collapse" for Monday and will have help all week, as I am sure I'm headed for bed. I wanna come to Christmas dinner!!!

    To Rafiki and all, a zissun Pesach and next year in Jerusalem!!!

    Love to all,
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    to you, and all, Lenore.

    This Buddhist has two kids in Jerusalem this year!