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  1. MelG

    MelG New Member

    Ok I absolutely give up. How do I change my password? When I created this account month ago, I got an auto generated password. It had to be because I never would have come up with this one.

  2. starstella

    starstella New Member

    are you talking about passwords or screen names?
  3. MelG

    MelG New Member

    When you log in, you type your user name and password. I can view/edit my profile but I don't see where I can set my own password (to something I will remember). I created the MelG account sometime during the summer of 2002. I don't know where this weird password that I have came from. It's got numbers and letters in it. I'm 100% sure I didn't pick this because I can never remember the darn thing. Everytime I need to log in, I have to go to my email and cut and paste this password. It's a 7 digit, number/letter thing.

    Eeeegads. I can just use Melanie_Ann (which has a password that I picked), but I would rather use my MelG account. That is where I uploaded my picture and put my bio.

    Moderators can you please help me at this point. I'm getting frustrated.

    It's probably right in front of my face but I'm at a lost at this point.

    Sorry to be such a pain in the rear end about it.


    (aka MelG aka Melanie_Ann)

  4. starstella

    starstella New Member

    Hi Melanie,
    I'm not a moderator, but did you try clicking on the area on top of the board that says "need messageboard help click here? you click that, email them and you will get a response. good luck.
  5. MelG

    MelG New Member

    I did that but I don't get a response. I think they are confused about my email addresses. I have like 3 of them. One of them is set up to forward to my comcast account. I don't give that one out because I get too much junk mail.

    I bet for security purposes, they have not responded. I get the same problem with Amazon. I am registered with one address but when I email them, it comes from my comcast account. They keep telling me to fix that. But I can't SEND email from the one account. It is only a forwarding email.

    I've had to change my comcast email account 3 times now because of spam so I'm careful where I give that out.

    Moderators....any help at this point would be greatly appreciated.


    Please excuse me if I am being dense and the answer is right in front of my face
  6. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    you have a beautiful family. Just wanted to tell you that. :)
  7. Grams

    Grams New Member

    Sorry, I read your message wrong, so my suggestion wouldn't help you. Good luck, I know this is frustrating![This Message was Edited on 01/06/2003]
  8. Eilie

    Eilie New Member

    I clicked last night on "Need Message Board Help Click Here," which brings up a blank e-mail. I filled in the old info and told them what I'd like them to change it to. I got a response first thing this am. Of course, they didn't do what I wanted but I just sent a "reply" and we got it straightened out. Now I have the passworld I want under the name I want. I would think they should have a record of what address you used when you first signed up.

    Well, it worked for me, so maybe you just have to try again?

  9. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Click on the; 'New Message board help? Click here', send them your user name and password that you are currently using, then tell them what you want it changed too.

    That should get it done for you. If you don't get help there, then go to this eaddress;

    HOpe this all gets straight for you. Untill you do, get a 'stick pad' and just keep the pass word taped to your monitor. It is a pain to use all those numbers and letters, gee sometimes I forget how old my kids are, I could imagine a confused password!

    Shalom, Shirl
  10. MelG

    MelG New Member

    I did that. I'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'll just cut and paste. I'll end up throwing the keyboard out the window if I have to type that over and over again. (rofl) :)

  11. MelG

    MelG New Member

    Thank you :) That's so sweet :). My son is the light of my life. It's my husband and son that keeps me plugging along each day.

    One more note about passwords, then I'll shut up (lol). I can't send them an email from the email account I signed up with. That email address ONLY FORWARDS to my default Comcast address. I can't do anything about that. I don't give out Comcast because of the spam. It's insane.

    I know I drive Amazon nuts with this.

    Thanks again all and we'll see what happens.

    Cyber Hugs,