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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dollinitup, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. dollinitup

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    when i cook wait.....i don't cook pasta.

    okay then, when we are having pasta of any kind. here is what i do, (i learnt this from one of my beauty salon customers) i bring the water to a good rolling boil. then i turn off the heat and put pasta into the water, stir around a bit, quickly and cover tightly. i then leave it set for 15-20 depending on what kind it is. after the first 10 minutes take the lid off and give it a quick stir and cover again for the duration.

    best way i have ever found. this lady that taught me this has passed away now but here i am 20 yrs later still thinking of her(dobie was her nickname) everytime i cook pasta. and i can't help smiling everytime i think of her.

    anyway i like doing it this way for a couple reasons. first of all you don't boil anything out of it that should be left in it and second of all you don't have to worry about it boiling over.

    try it!
  2. alaska3355

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    Thanks for the tip- I've never tried doing pasta that way. But I have done lasagna with uncooked noodles and a little extra liquid, and it turns out fine. Anything to save some time, right?

    Have a nice weekend!
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    We are having pasta of some sort tonight...I will try it.

    Sounds simple enough, and I'm for simple.