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    Pat, I thought of you because I enjoy your natural healing posts so much. Hope you don't mind a question (or several) I'm trying to heal years of leaky gut/ food allergies, and oddly enough, before I was dx'd with this, didn't experience much in the way of IBS symptoms (that's why I lingered so long without suspecting it). Now, on a strict all fresh, natural diet, no dairy or gluten (severe allergies) or soy or eggs, for that matter. Generally feeling a lot better, but old issue of diarrhea/IBS that I had years ago is now creeping in again. I never am constipated with IBS, & I notice most folks here who have IBS are----I only tend toward diarrhea (can't even take the lowest dose of magnesium, in any form, due to diarrhea). I take Jarro probiotics, digestive enzymes with meals, plus other supps recommended by my allergist (a mainly naturopathic guy who's really my main FM doc for me). No drugs (except an occasional dose of Maxalt, lowest dose I can stand, for migraine). Wondering if you have any suggestions for supps/naturalremedies that would additionally help my digestive tract heal? Wondering about colustrum, but DO have severe allergy to dairy category. Brain fogging up, can't remember if colustrum is bad for those with dairy allergy or not. Anything else you can suggest? I notice I tend to go in waves with the diarrhea, but wouldn't think anything I'm eating is causing issues since I know my allergies now, unless I'm eating something I'm unaware is causing me trouble.

    Thanks in advance for your insights & anyone else who has struggled with this & has some suggestions!

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    Sounds weird but I found that a couple of handfuls of dry roasted peanuts every night has helped my IBS. Must be something to do with the fiber and the oils. Wathever it is it seems to keep me closer to being "regular, not going from "rocks to runs" and back again in 48hrs.

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    I've had it on and off since I was 13 when my good flora got knocked for six by infections through raw sewerage.

    Since this DD started it just got worse and persistent but I am making progress, perhaps what's been helping me will helop you too

    I also take probiotics but used much stronger ones to start with and that helped. They were 30 million count with 3 strains. Some find the Jarrow works others don't, if using probiotics like this I always take higher doses.

    Despite the diarrhea I keep my fibre levels high eats loads of veg and taking psyllium husks, others use linseeds but they are too irritating for me. I also used fOS for a few months to help increase the good bacteria and keep my stools more solid.

    Colustrum wise I can take 2 caps of the standard products but no more, I too am milk intolerant. I did find, by a search on the www, one product that had 50% IgG and which is better for those with milk intolerance.

    A lot of board users have found that OLE helps their ibs, in fact that and sinus problems seem to be the first symptoms that improve. There's quite a few other herbs that can help too though I find the ones that are supposed to soothe the GI tract have the opposite effect on me.

    Have you had candida checked out because that can play havoc with the GI tract, garlic, berberine complex, oregano oil complex, and other herbs along with diet can be used to treat that.

    I now have a least half my days without diarrhea and pain, flare ups are often caused by other bugs, FM can cause the brain to be overactive and I believe this can effect the bowel too.

    My son's ibs has almost completely resolved using good probiotics, colustrum, herbs, garlic and the Atkins Diet. He had an IgA deficiency so the colustrum made sense and a big difference.

    IBS is like FM, lots of factors can be involved and I think we just have to research, pick out what seems right for us and do a bit of trial and error. Mine's the best it's been for over 2 decades and despite the blips continues to improve. Like many aspects of my DD it seems to take a cocktail rather than just one remedy.

    Good luck


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    In addition to all you are doing, and all that has been suggested, have you been tested for bacterial overgrowth? Once I got rid of the two strains of bacteria, as well as the overgrowth of yeast, I stopped suffering with IBS. BTW, I started out with IBS-D, but it quickly moved to IBS-C. I'd choose D over C anyday, but D is much more serious than C....its just less painful.

    Also, does stress activate you IBS episodes? If it does, have you considered the adrenal-connection? Now that I've found an adrenal supplement that works for me, I no longer have even the occasional IBS flare-ups.

    And last, are you taking l-glutamine to rebuild the intestinal lining?

    Hope this helps,
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    the headaches bothered me so I dont take it anymore. I found that eating walnuts helps me and keeps me regular and they dont bother me like alot of nuts.
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    ....much appreciated! I HAVE been tested for both candida/bacterial overgrowth, in fact that was the reason I first saw my allergist; he had a great reputation in the area for success with candida issues, etc. Those tests came out OK, but it turned out I was very allergic to dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, nuts, to name only a few. Have since learned years of leaky gut produce these allergies. When dx'd & starting allergy diet, I was relatively IBS-free, though I'd had these symptoms years ago. Now, I'm eating healthier & taking supps, but seem to have more, not less, IBS....

    Has been a stressful time in my life lately, even though FM-wise, I'm feeling much better. So that may not help.

    Annette P: please tell me more about both the l-glutamine you mentioned & adrenal stuff. Do you get them at this site's store, or from a doctor? I'd love more info about both of those products.

    Thank you again, everyone,
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    Hi Pam.

    I can`t imagine what this must be like for you, I suffer with IBS but am OK if I just avoid white bread and pasta.

    Your migrains are probably caused by the Candida as they give off a lot of toxins.

    Some here swear by Berberine Complex for candida so could be worth trying first.
    Another option may be to have a look at the candida-yeast website, by William G Crook, he treated patients at your level with Nystatin and Diflucan. You`ll find it very helpful. Read the stories section too.

    You must surely be very deficient in Vitamins & Minerals, which only compounds your problem.

    As you are unable to absorb nutrients through the digestive tract, you must be malnourished, so the best choice may be Cytolog and Cellfood - they don`t involve taking pills, and work directly at cellular level. (Reaches the target without running the gauntlet).

    Water (2ltrs a day)
    Pure Sea/Rock Salt
    Berberine Complex or OLE
    Cellfood Multivitamins
    Cellfood Concentrate

    Cytolog is a substance derived from colostrum which helps with immune disfunction (works by teaching the body to heal itself).
    I think your chances of reacting are low because of the method used in extracting just the information cells.

    Cellfood is only something I have come across in the last week, but sounds the perfect solution to your problems, have you seen my post?

    Get the best pure Sea/Rock Salt you can find and add a pinch to every glass of water you drink, - sooooo many benefits. You must have this article on Sea salt by now...

    Pam, thank you for your trust, i`m not sure I have all the answers but this is the best I can do to help you right now.

    Hope you find the relief you deserve soon.

    Love Pat.

  8. AnnetteP

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    L-glutamine helps rebuild the intestinal lining. You want to use large quantities so purchase the powder kind, as opposed to the capsules. Otherwise you will be taking tons of pills and it won't be cost-effective.

    I have used three brands of l-glut. and while prohealth sells THE WORST tasting of the three, its the most powerful and has made the most difference on my blood tests. Its called GlutImmune and you mix it in water (I think you are supposed to mix the other two in water also, but I was able to take them straight then chase them down with a glass of water). While its not very pleasant tasting, I have swallowed worse tasting things such as fiber-based products.

    Concerning adrenals: have you had this tested? I did and found my cortisol was elevated. I've brought it down greatly, but during times of stress I'm prone to elevation again. With adrenal supplements its sort of a trial and error procress: what works well for me might do the opposite for you. I tried two adrenal extracts that made me really sick, and also some herbs that did nothing significant. I found that Drenamin by Standard Process is my answer. Prohealth doesn't sell it though; you can find it at some online retailers, or from alternative dr.s who sell this brand. Its relatively inexpensive, so it might be worth a try.

    Allergies: are you taking anything for this? Solgar's quercetin (with bromelain) helped bring down my eosinophils and thus my allergic reactions. I had to take a lot of it, to affect a change. Before this brand I was using another brand that didn't contain enough quercetin and I never felt relief. When I switched to Solgar, I took the amount they recommended, but eventually I had to increase it. Now, I'm out but its okay because I don't have the allergic reactions anymore.

    Have you had your thyroid adequately tested? By adequate I mean more than the usual tests. Often allergies go hand in hand with low thyroid. Plus, low thyroid makes it difficult to keep a healthy gut balance. Even though your yeast/bacteria tests came back negative, I wouldn't take it to the bank that you are okay in that area. Its not unusual to get false negatives.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks so much! Pat, I do NOT have systemic candida; I originally went to my allergist because he tested for & treated candida, & I thought that might be my problem, but my test results (& he is very thorough) did NOT show candida overgrowth. However, they did show the pretty severe food allergies. I will check your post on cellfood....thanks again! You always have such good articles & I look forward to them, because I'd rather opt for natural than prescription. I think my migraines are triggered by odd things like cigarette smoke; moved a year ago to Kansas from California (a pretty smoke-free state)---love my new surroundings & there's less polution in general, but there's much more tolerance for cigarette smoke here, & though no one smokes in my household, it's hard to avoid in public at times, alas.

    Annette, thanks for the l-glutamine & adrenal info. My allergist does the most specific thyroid testing (T-3, etc) of any doctor in my area---nothing looked suspicious. I know some people, though, have thyroid issues & take armour or something even in the absence of positive test results, & it seems to make them feel better. I appreciate everyone's replies! In general, my allergy-free diet plus enzymes/probiotics has made a big difference in my FM health, it's just that now I'm having some IBS issues come up that I didn't have before. Love this board, I learn so much from all of you!

    Thanks again,

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