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    Hadn't seen anything from you on the board for a week or two and was wondering how you / daughter where getting on with your regime, you said few weeks ago about following a complete assault !!, cytolog / OLe / Flaxseed / probiotics etc.
    MIL is about ready to try and was interested if how your results are going, does it initially flare up as the rubbish is expelled, has it just settled, any relief?.
    sorry to hit you with lotsa Q's but your kind of our guinea pig ( NO offense !).
    I know can get diff results per person but am hoping it works for you and family.
    Cheers Me dears
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    I`m so sorry not replying to your post sooner, - I have just found it by tapping in Cytolog into the search box to answer another post and saw this on there.

    For some odd reason this hasn`t shown up on the list of posts when I put my name in the search box???

    Yes (Guinea Pig I am) - and very happy to say that my energy levels have really escelated, - I sleep deeper and less too these days. I wake feeling more refreshed and if I sleep in the afternoons I only need 10 - 15 mins and wake feeling great. Would normally be anything up to 2 hours and be struggling.

    I`m not as ill as some of you poor guys out there, so recovery would be quicker, I wasn`t initially affected in any way as regards herxing.

    My daughter hasn`t herxed, but had done a course of OLE a while back which may have paved the way for her.

    Unlike me, she was ONLY on the Cytolog - It saw off a viral attack and her energy levels have also improved and moreso within herself if you know what I mean.

    We are into high pollen counts now and she is nowhere near as bad as she was last year, in fact she had a chronic Sinus problem which has cleared up a lot.

    I stopped the Cytolog last week to see if it was that or the supplemental foods working. I do believe it`s the combination of the two which brought about my rapid recovery.
    I feel fantastic...

    It`s been four weeks and Dawn has now stopped the Cytolog in an experiment to see if she slips back at all.

    I would say it`s got to be worth trying, in fact both my parents are using the remaining half of the pump sprays to see if it`s going to help them too. (Both in their 80s) Dad has Osteo Arthritis and prostate problems (Who`s the guinea Pig now !)...

    Please let me know how it goes for you and yours.

    Love Pat.
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