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    Just checked back posts and found you had sent me one on the 31st. My health is up and down at present, but better than it was when I first came on the board. Am back on a low dose of Zoloft, but I will just have to endure that. Take SAMe through the day, plus a calcium at night and then later on the ZMA. This mix seems to be helping. We still cannot get the OLE which I want to take again as my "stuffy" head is slowly coming back. A Naturopath told me the company making this should be given the all clear again very soon after gov' stopping their production. I think there was some concern taking it mentioned on the board either for those who have diabetes or high BP both of which I have, but it didn't seem to affect me before. Same Naturopath was at a store promotion and she recommended Phenylalanine to help with FM. Don't know what that is yet, but will try and find out. Will do another post with my Nuero visit. Thanks Pat. Love Ozgran.