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    I brought an article in to my doctor about how provigil has helped people with CFS and FMS. After reading it he agreed to give it a try. Again i started out feeling a little anxious and agitated but got passed it. Not everyone can though. My doctor has been very good at doing anything i ask of him....he realizes i know more about CFS and FMS and as long as i show him articles and plenty of them he has been great about it.Good luck.
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    Thankyou so much for posting this and trying to help me! That is a great idea about taking him an article( or maybe 2! LOL).
    I've decided I really do want to try Provigil so I will take your advice. I really appreciate all your help.

    Thanks again, pat460
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    No problem...i just hope it does the same for you as it does me. Just take it slow....let me know.I will be thinking about you.