Patent Application for CFS Diagnostic Test

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    Patent Application for CFS Diagnostic Test

    In mid-August, Dr. John Gow and Dr. Abhijit Chaudhuri of the University of Glasgow submitted an application to the European Patent Office describing a diagnostic tool for CFS. The “invention” (as it's termed in the application) covers “materials and methods for diagnosis and treatment of CFS,” based on genetic biomarkers observed by Gow and Chaudhuri during their extensive genetic research into the illness.

    In the application, Gow and Chaudhuri identify a number of genes that are expressed at abnormal levels in CFS patients compared to healthy individuals. In contrast to earlier studies from various sources, the researchers claim to have been able to use the expression patterns of these genes to establish functional models of CFS pathology, explaining some of the symptoms observed in affected individuals. If accurate, this could provide a rational basis not only for diagnosing CFS but also for classifying CFS patients according to the biochemical basis for their symptoms, thereby enabling appropriately targeted therapies.

    The researchers carefully point out that, taken alone, the profile generated by this test may not provide an absolute diagnosis of CFS. They suggest that a clinician should also take into account the patient’s physical or psychological symptoms in order to reach a diagnosis. But they state that the gene expression profile this test generates could provide useful data to help confirm or reject a preliminary diagnosis based on physical and psychological symptoms alone. In other words, a test result indicating that one or more of the identified genes is upregulated—meaning that the gene in question shows at least a two-fold increase in expression as compared to unaffected individuals—would provide support for a diagnosis of CFS. Similarly, a normal gene profile could potentially rule out the illness.

    According to the patent application, Gow and Chaudhuri believe that CFS is not a genetic disease caused by gene defects but an acquired condition where there’s a shift in the functionality of a select number of genes regulating specific biological activities—specifically those involved in infection and immunity, cell membrane function and cell cycle. Based on the expression patterns they’ve observed, they’ve established a model of affected "hub" and "network" genes, with the hub genes acting as control centers and the network genes acting largely as the implementers. This set of hub and network genes defines the functional shift in the biological systems of patients who continue to have symptoms due to CFS.

    Gow and Chaudhuri go on to relate the affected genes to specific sets of CFS symptoms, like recurrent infections and tender lymph nodes, restricted mobility and atopic/allergic reactions, providing clues for targeted treatment options.

    The time taken to obtain a patent varies substantially from country to country, but European patent applications typically take four years or more to be granted. In the meantime, Gow and Chaudhuri can continue research on the subject, potentially leading to further refinement. Others from around the world are also deeply involved in genetic CFS research. As advances emerge—and as more news surfaces on this patent and the process it describes—the CFIDS Association will keep you posted.

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    more information on the genetic dysfunction that may underlie our CFIDS. it makes sense to me. thanks a lot- Sascha
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    that's wonderful news! thanks for posting it
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    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
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    I was just also reading last summer's newsletters from here (somehow my ISP was blocking them and I didn't realize it) and was reading about DeMerlier's test as well... seems like more and more info is coming out finally showing/supporting the 'realness' of CF/FM.

    Thanks for posting!

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    if you click on my profile and search it, you will find some answers on my questions about Dr.Meirleir from carla-nl, who actually was a patient of him!
    Dr.Meirleir adresses the various infection the same as the ffc clinics and treats with ABX and antivirals,antifungals and so on.
    more you can find on red labs usa. (google)
    but there is also some infos about Dr.Meirleir on this site.
    other informatin you find on the CFIDS Foundation; though i find that some of their articles are not exactly true and there was some strange disagreements with them and Dr.Meirleir , which led to his split with this organisation.
    In the meantime they have claimed to have found the virus which is responsable for the loss of stat1, ergo RNase L Disfunction.
    His findings are now widly accepted and he hlped to develope the canadian consensus document.
    if you google his name you find tns of info.
    But most likely you know all this, just in case you missed it, because of you blocked mail.

    If we combine all these infos and more, it seems like CFIDS is very similar to AIDS , but not the same.
    the Australien researchers and dr. have long ago voiced such an Opinion (
    But, though there is this huge amount of info coming in, it will take years again to get it official and get the treatments sorted out.
    untill now i read mixed reports and a solution seems far away.
    take care karina

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    Thanks... I will be reading it... right now don't have time :( -- playing catch up with some other stuff... but will bookmark this post (so don't delete it, lol!)

    From what I remember, the CFIDS foundation & he split because they helped fund his research, and then he was patenting what he found out as intellectual knowledge instead of releasing it to the public... at least I think that is the reason the foundation gave as to why.

    all the best,

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    yeah that is the reason they gave, but we did not get to hear Dr.Meirleir side and of what carla wrote to me, it seems that Dr.Meirleir is a very caring person and he must have had his reasons.
    anyhow, his research seems to be very important and for us this is the most important;i think.
    take care
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    yeah that is the reason they gave, but we did not get to hear Dr.Meirleir side and of what carla wrote to me, it seems that Dr.Meirleir is a very caring person and he must have had his reasons.
    anyhow, his research seems to be very important and for us this is the most important;i think.
    take care

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