Patent for XMRV Antibody Test Filed

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    Patent for XMRV Antibody Test Filed - Dr. Mikovits and the Dr's Ruscetti have filed for a patent for an antibody test for XMRV. They describe the test as a means for diagnosing XMRV-related diseases which they believe could include everything from XMRV-related lymphoma (Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL), Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia lymphoma (CLL)) to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Niemann-Pick Type C Disease, fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's Disease, A bi-polar disorder, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or autism. The application, of course, suggests the group feels it has a finished product. This appears to be the first diagnostic XMRV patent applied for. We know that several other groups, including large pharmaceutical labs, are working on their antibody tests. Antibody tests are monetarily a prize because that is how pathogens are usually diagnosed in the doctor's office.
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    Where did you find this information? I can't find it. I have never heard of a blood test for bipolar or Autism.

    Aren't they jumping the gun until we know how this XMRV plays out? Maybe not?



    No I am not being negative but need this information for another forum. Sad, that I have to explain that.[This Message was Edited on 07/06/2010]
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    they filed a patent for XMRV testing, not for what you mentioned. But if their findings of XMRV being associated in any of this diseases turn out to be validated, than this patent will come into play.

    Gosh, i am really not good at explaining.

    What is important about this news, combined with the news two weeks back on their website, is that they will have a standardized test available by July, which will be sensitive enough to use in commercial labs. So, there it is. They think they are ready and will put it on the market as promised, that means also, that research can use this test for further research and they think it will be sensitive enough to show valid results.

    I hope this explanation is correct.....but thats how i understand it.
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    underscore this, because my doc, Dr.Meirleier, told me to come for testing in July; meaning he had the same information about standardized test being available beginning of this month. He works closely with RED Labs in Bruessels, which has the licence from the Whittermore Peterson Institute, as for now the only one in Europe, to use their tests for XMRV!

    Here the text of VIP DX

    VIP Dx received confirmation from representatives of the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) that a multiplex serological assay to detect XMRV antibodies should be available for use within the next 30 days. “This serological test will allow our lab to quickly and accurately determine which individuals are positive for XMRV,” explained Marguerite Ross, director of marketing and client relations for VIP Dx. “Discovering who is positive is an important first step in helping to determine how XMRV is impacting human health.”

    VIP Dx has also recently entered into an agreement to be acquired by the Whittemore Peterson Institute, and become an integral part of the Institute. The clinical laboratory will continue to operate under the name VIP Dx, until it moves to the University of Nevada's Center for Molecular Medicine in August 2010. At that time, the lab will operate within the Institute under the name Unevx, providing services and revenue to the Institute in a manner similar to other institutional clinical reference laboratories.[This Message was Edited on 07/06/2010]
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    that does not mean i think that everyone shall run for the rests now.
    It depends very much on personal circumstances and should be discussed with your personal physician, which i think should be one specialized in ME/CFS .
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    EVERYONE who has a dx of CFS/ME should take the test. That's the
    way the whole country will know its prevalence and research will pick
    up really fast.

    I don't know anyone who has a dr. who specializes in ME/CFS. And
    I know over 300 patients.

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    in principle your right, but the reality looks a bit different.

    Before i add my thoughts, i have to say i made this remark as a disclaimer, because i am certainly not the person who can make recommendations.

    Check out the explanation at the RED LAB . There is a remark added which i think makes my point.
    Several of the researchers and docs have warned that there could be a lot of negative results and you would spend your money for nothing, ending up very distraught.
    Your argument, that we need to know how many are infected; yes , i agree, but
    nobody will even care if you are positive or not, unless your result can be published. Thats why we have the research and replication studies going on. And that's why it is so important that the results of these studies are published ! S. Sign the petition .

    All in all, right now, it is a very personal consideration if you should get tested or not, considering if it really makes a difference right now for you or not, like having Infectious Disease Specialist who is willing to try you on retrovirals, or will it help you in your disability claim, and so forth .

    Well, thats just my opinion .
    By the way, i am a patient of Dr. Meirleier , so here you go , now you know somebody who is treated and tested by a specialist and waited for his green light, considering my personal situation.

    take care

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    It is important that replication and clinical studies be done; I guess i
    meant that one should get into a WPI study, or the NIH/FDA if one
    begins. In fact, the NIH are actively recruiting for pathogen studies,
    and CFS is included!

    Your explanation was good, thank you so much for it...

    To better days, then WELL years!


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