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    Please, offer prayers to our God for my daughter's MIL. This gal is such a wonderful person in every role a woman holds. A week from this upcoming Thursday, she will be having major surgery and though she puts up a "it's going to be fine front" we all know this is serious.
    Posted this request as "paternal grandmother" for we didn't have any part in God's decision when he provided this wonderful person to be our grandchildren's grandmother. Grandpa is her equal and prayers for him, too, for he ever so worried. He says it's easy to say, "for everything there is a reason", until you face the possibilty you could lose your soul mate. In God's Love - Thank You
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    You are so blessed to have a person like this. My life would have been very different with either a mother or mother in law with such virtue.

    Please post on the weekly prayer chain for her, and if you get a chance in your next post please mention her first name. My head mixes things up and names help.

    Dear God, you created in this woman a warm and loving and wonderful person. As she faces surgery bravely, please hold her up and may she always be the precious glue for this family. Give her time to heal, and time to do good. And God, thank you for putting a realy good person in this family. Please bless and keep them all.
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    Oh God Bless your dear Grand Daughter, I will certainly pray that God will be with her and her family through all she has to endure.

    God Bless you