Pathogenic monsters and chronic Illnesses

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    Radio: I feel mycoplasma and co-fection infections may be the main connection in developing fibromyalgia. There are many contributing factors such as: Lyme infections, mercury, environmental toxins and genetics that need to be evaluated.

    My research has convinced me that the inflammation, ROS, mitochondrial damage caused buy killing this infections may be more detrimental than the infections themselves. I feel we must addressed all the contributing factors in order to achieve homeostasis. Once this has been done. We can start identifying and killing these pathogenic monsters and limiting the collateral damage done to the body.

    See links below...
    Infectious Oxidative Inflammation: The missing pathogenesis of disease?

    " Invasive bacterial infections are associated with several acute and chronic illnesses, including: aerodigestive diseases such as Asthma, Pneumonia, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases; rheumatoid diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA); immunosuppression diseases such as HIV-AIDS; genitourinary infections and chronic fatigue illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) and Gulf War Illnesses (GWI). It is now apparent that such infections could be (a) causative, (b) cofactors or (c) opportunistic agents in a variety of chronic illnesses."

    "Most doctors have been told these infections are harmless (keep in mind they are difficult to detect to begin with, and if your not looking for them you will definately not find them - and your condition will remain a mystery and you are just "unlucky"/have bad genes), some know about them and will treat them with anti biotics, even though there are natural treatments that are actually more effective and healthy. These include olive leaf extract, sovereign silver and TrimaZyme(natural enzyme and herb product designed to kill mycoplasmas) to name a few. Remember when you take natural anti biotics, you kill off the friendly flora in your gut as well so remember to take pro-biotics. Many people who have had these infections for a while will also have Leaky gut syndrome(many people without mycoplasmas have this as well). please pas this information on to your loved ones suffering from auto immune disorders - this could potentially help (actually cure) them."
    See more here: Auto-immune disorders caused by mycoplasma

    You can read more about mycoplasma's here:

    "Mycoplasmas are parasitic in nature because they rely on the nutrients found in host cells including cholesterol, amino acids, fatty acids and even DNA. They especially thrive in cholesterol rich and arginine-rich environments. Mycoplasmas can generally be found in the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract. They need cholesterol for membrane function and growth, and there is an abundance of cholesterol in the bronchial tubes of the respiratory tract. Once attached to a host cell, they then begin competing for nutrients inside the host cells. As nutrients are depleted, then these host cells can begin to malfunction, or even change normal functioning of the cell, causing a chain reaction with other cells (especially within the immune and endocrine systems). Mycoplasmas can even cause RNA and DNA mutation of the host cells and have been linked to certain cancers for this reason. Mycoplasmas can also invade and live inside host cells which evade the immune system, especially white blood cells. Once inside a white blood cell, mycoplasmas can travel throughout the body and even cross the blood/brain barrier, and into the central nervous system and spinal fluid"

    See more info here: Is Fibromyalgia Caused by a Mycoplasma Infection?

    Dr Garth Nicolson has done some great research on mycoplasma....Google "Garth Nicolson mycoplasma"

    See more info here:

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    Dr. Garth Nicolson - Weaponized Mycoplasmas

    Biofilms: Bacteria Create Toxic Films

    What Are Bacterial Biofilms? A Six Minute Montage

    One of the herbs in the ayurvedic has been proven to destroy biofilms is called "Triphala"...

    Biofilm protocols info...

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    Recovering from MS, FM and CFS: Brisbane Physiotherapist Kate Stossel chats to Prof. Garth Nicolson

    Radio: Reverse Mitochondrial Damage 101

    Lipid replacement therapy
    can potentially help everyone in this forum. It does not matter which subgroup of FM/ME you are in. The core of the problem has always been acquired mitochondrial damage. Repairing the mitochondrial is one of the first step in healing...

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    Radio: Please review this info on killing these infections.

    Protocol - Chronicles Of Borrelia
    Below are links about using Niacin/ niacinamide (b3), and Dr. Klinghardt's recommendation...

    "The centerpiece of what we are using that is finally working is called fucoidan (FuCoyDon – Sisel Brand name) It is a sulfated polysaccharide from brown seaweed. Running a search on fucoidan and just about anything, shows that it is incredibly effective for many conditions. There is also evidence that fucoidan helps to remove mercury and other heavy metals, and damage from radiation exposure, both of which are always present in chronic illness.

    "This may be the most effective treatment for our Lyme symptoms that we have tried- based on symptom improvement and improved CD 57 NK Cell essay markers- as it was the first treatment that actually improved the markers – significantly- after about 9 months. Fucoidan is the perfect immune system modulator as it helps to keep Natural Killer Cell markers high- NK cells are an important part of the immune system because they aid in fighting infections. Our white blood cells also rose after taking fucoidan, from previously below normal levels, which is common in Lyme. Nothing else we had tried over the years worked liked fucoidan and it has been said that no other supplement does more for the human body than fucoidan."

    Niacinamide Turns Out To Be a Potent Candida-Killing Nutrient

    "In the current study, researchers found that niacinamide directly disrupted key Candida reproductive enzymes leading to weaker strains of Candida, an inability to form infectious biofilms, and gross aberrations in the DNA of Candida. This is all good news for humans and bad news for Candida. Niacinamide is virtually free of side effects as long as a total dose does not pass 3,000 mgs per day. Niacinamide is similar to niacin, but does not have any flushing or any ability to lower cholesterol."

    Published in July 2010:

    What kills mycoplasmas besides antibiotics? | ProHealth ME/< Great thread!
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    It was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my CFIDS/ME in 1990. I lived next to a military facility where soldiers were being vaccinated prior to being deployed to the first Gulf War. I likely got the infection in the holiday shopping crowds from a soldier who was actively infected. It left me in great pain and crippled for months. I've never been the same since.

    Dr. Nicolson was in touch with me via e-mail and was very helpful. It took 2 1/2 yrs. on Doxycycline, pulsing it off and on, to finally drive the infection into latency. Like with Lyme, the bacteria can hide out in the form of cysts deep inside the body's tissue only to reactivate when one gets injured, sick or run down.

    We need to be careful in not mistaking a triggering event from deciding that it is what "causes" our illnesses. There are many triggers and mycoplasma is only one of them. BTW, it is prevalent in Gulf War Illness which, I believe, is the same as CFIDS/ME.

    Love, Mikie
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