"Pathology of Hope" article

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    OK I really do not like the title, because I always have hope. But what she talks about is really the psychologizing of chronic illnesses and how friends just think those afflicted should be positive and they'd just get well, etc.


    Now, I highly respect Dr. Martin Seligman; my PhD psychologist/neurophysiologist husband has always been a fan of his work. And both myself as a hypnotherapist and my DH as a psychologist used a lot of motivational/positive "affirmations" .... it is well proven and is obvious anyway that the more at peace one can be with one's self and situation and whenever we can laugh has an absolutely positive impact physiologically and psychologically on our bodies... so I do want to say that. I am considered a positive person in fact.

    But after getting hammered occasionally by misunderstanding well-intentioned friends who have health, wealth, and happiness that we all must be doing something wrong - this article really hits home.

    So, I'm not trying to start a controversy... but I find this sort of a breath of fresh air, thought some of you might as well.

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