"PATIENCE!!!!!"... hearing it loud and clear...pls read my story

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by another_painful_day, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. another_painful_day

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    you all basically know that Im dealing with a plateful. Especially now that I lost my job. Tomorrow I have to go thru the grueling task of going to unemployment in a VERY BAD town thats really scary to go to, especially alone and being a woman. Imagine my anxiety level over having to go thru this tomorrow. I dont even know where Im going.

    Anyway, today I went for a three mile walk around the lake. Because of my stress and the fact that the Fibrom,yalgia pain is so incredibly bad that I cant sit down, I thought this would be a great opprotunity for me to start walking again like I use to. Hubby works nights so Im able to go now that Im not working days...a nice little blessing even though I lost my job and we are pretty much flat broke!!!...AT least I also get some quiet time with myself to sort things out in my head and also grow closer to God with no distractions around me. I miss these times believe me. I had them before I went thru divorce....its what helped give me courage to change my life.

    So...as I walked, just as I did the day before, I prayed in my head and talked to God under my breath (people probly thought I was nutz! LOL!). EVERY SINGLE TIME I began to pray about what God needs me to do and what answers can he give me right smack in the middle of my meditated thought I hear a voice LOUDER than LOUD in my head saying "PATIENCE"....over and over again. It happened on my walk on Sunday and it happened again today. I kept thinking to myself..."AM I NUTS? HAVE I FINALLY LOST IT? IM HEARING VOICES IN MY HEAD OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN...." but just one word..."PATIENCE".

    Well, as I walked I bumbed into someone that lives down the street from me. WE began talking and sure enough, I found someone else who hears the SAME VOICE when shes struggling to hand everything over to God ....we chuckled about it and yet we both had a sense of relief too. I looked at her and said "YA MEAN IM NOT ACTUALLY LOSING MY MIND AFTERALL?..." She smiled a big smiel and said "NOPE! THATS DEFINATELY THE LORDS VOICE YOUR HEARIN'...HE IS JUST STOPPING YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR PRAYER BECAUSE HES GIVING YOU AN ANSWER...AND THATS BE PATIENT!!!!AND STOP STRUGGLING WITH HIM...HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU....JUST LET IT GO...."

    FINALLY, a little peace of heart and peace of mind. Im STILL STRUGGLING, but Im fighting it with every ounce I got in me.

    Why is it as humans we cant seem to let go? Instead we rather deal with feeling angry and crappy and controling instead of sitting back, relaxing, and trusting in the Lord to do his work.

    I wanted to share this with ALL OF YOU here. I thought I was going nuts, I really did. If I could explain how LOUD this voice is in my head everytime I start doubting what to do with my life right now, Id have to say it was like someone with a bull horn in their hand and saying it right directly into my ear. Maybe some of you out there have had the same experience? I guess Im blessed if this truly is the case...that I can actually hear the Good Lord LOUD AND CLEAR!!!I know I have the gift of spiritual dreaming...I never knew I had the blessing of actually hearing God talk to me.
    Im sure there are some of you you probly think Im nutz LOL! Thats ok though....I actually thought I was too. THANK GOD I bumped into that friend....she made me feel so much better knowing I wasnt alone.

  2. monkeykat

    monkeykat Member

    Isn't it a comfort to hear God's voice. I hadn't been hearing much from the Lord in a long, long time. But just this week I felt that I heard him speaking to my heart also and with his words I felt comfort. It has helped me to trust him more again.

    God promises to be with us and I'm glad you feel his presence:)
  3. jolly

    jolly New Member

    No, you are not alone. I haven't heard actual voices, but I got to studying about the real Sabbath day, which turns out to be Friday night from sundown to Sat. night sundown and the last two weekends I've made an effort to observe it (althought I'm not sure how...you know what I mean?} But anyway,,,on with the story. Last Friday night was so totally different from the norm around here. A friend I've known for years and I sat up til 9 a.m. talking about God - we've never even touched on the subject before and have known each other for almost 15 years. We were crying.

    Then for the second Sabbath I've tried to observe (still not sure how, but the intent's there, you know...) anyway, same thing happened with another person. And we're just confessing decade's old sins, present things, just very important meaningful things. It's like something has been lifted and people can finally talk openly about their feelings of the one who made us....plus the fact that He's here all the time running the show, hoping we're getting the picture.

    That's just something about you running into that woman and her saying the same thing. It's just not coincedental, things in God's world don't run on coincedent - that's probably not spelled right, but you know what I mean.

    I haven't written you in a couple of weeks, so didn't remember you losing the new job. Hopefully, your husband hasn't had any more events with his health problem and they have that all under control.

    Boy, do I realize how hard it is to keep up with all those kids, but tonight my g'kids proudly announced that they now had chores. They were so proud! I'm just thinking you could get some relief from the kids helping out more, and it's the best for them because my kids are in the 30's now and everyone of them is hard-working and makes a decent living, but they worked from the age of 14 or so out in the public, not counting what they did it home. It's wonderful for them.

    So get 'em all working around the house and have fun with it. Look at your work with them as God's work with you...guess it trickles all downhill....lol..it's a good thing!

    Anyway, always try to keep up on you since I went through a similar thing and understand - you just keep on trucking, girl..Jo Ellen
  4. LPN_11

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    I will share my little voice in my head story with you.
    I was in nursing school, things were beginning to get really hard both educational as well as financial. Husband was waiting for disability to start, and I was full time student.

    Feeling sooo sorry for myself, as I felt I was not giving it my all, and fearing myself about to flunk out for which at the time was so far from the truth, I was talking with God one morning going to school at 5am for clinicals, and this voice kept telling me "perserverence will prevail." Ok? so now I have lost my mind to go along with it all huh?

    Well, I did not give up, and I did graduate somewhere in the top 15 of my class, and did pretty good on my NCLEX exam. And all thru that dumb exam as I was praying I would pass==== Yup! the voice just kept saying "perserverence will prevail."

    So, no you are not losing the mind, but I really like to think that God is smiling when he does this to us, because he can make us really pay attention to him when he wants to all we have to do is listen to him and it will be alright!

  5. Freedom1

    Freedom1 New Member

    Yes, you are blessed to audibly Hear God speaking to you. He many times speaks in a still, small voice or spiritually. Sometimes He speaks when we listen reading the Word. But, I heard that you will get 'witnesses' (preferably 3) to verify what was said. You were listening and you heard -- that's the blessing. Thanks for sharing.

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