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    There is a program in the Seattle area called Patient Power with Dr. Andrew Schorr. Last Sunday, Dr. Andrew Holman and Lynne Metallana were on at 8am. I missed it, but it appears that if you google patientpower, the programs can be downloaded to MP3 or listened on streamlined video. This past Sunday's program isn't on the site yet, but it looks as if all the programs can be heard there, for those who are interested.

    Also, you may be interested in the 8/27/06 program entitled Living Well with Invisible Chronic Illness with Dr. Steven Overman and Joy Selleck, the authors (doctor and patient) of You Don't Look Sick. [This Message was Edited on 10/24/2006]
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    Hi Musica,i've downloaded the Patient Power radio program with Dr Andrew Holman & found it very interesting.
    The points he made about fibro sufferers not getting any stage 4 sleep(the deep restorative sleep which most people naturally reach each night when the body heals itself from the previous days exertions) struck a real chord with me.
    I've had problems sleeping deeply for many years and spend most nights tossing & turning with pain and many mornings i've woken up thinking "if only i could get a good night's sleep".
    Dr Holman says that people who are unable to reach these deep sleep levels have amplified levels of pain and are susceptible to developing Fibromyalgia,hence all the muscle problems we have.
    Anyone had a chance to listen to this Patient Power radio show.If anyone does a websearch under Patient Power it can be downloaded under the Fibromalgia section.
    I would be most interested in anyone else's comments.

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