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    The Kaiser Family Foundation

    The Foundation's interactive side-by-side health reform comparison tool now reflects the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law Tuesday and the reconciliation changes that passed the House and are being considered in the Senate this week. The online tool allows users to quickly compare the law with the reconciliation changes, as well as with other reform proposals put forward over the past year. The Foundation's interactive calculator also reflects the provisions of the new law.

    From Bill Moyer's Journal

    He interviewed Jim Nichols, Nation and Terri O'Neil, president of NOW (National Organization for Women) about the health reform--official tiltle --Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    What information I retained--

    Good elements in bill

    A bill at odds with itself

    10 s of millions of Americans will NOT get health care

    Touted as taking on insurance companies but requires middle america to buy insurance from private companies--negative consequences if one does not

    Discriminates against immigrants

    Age discrimination--insurance can bill at rates 3X's greater than rates charged for younger customers (cannot remember the age ranges)

    Hits women harder because of the systematic wage discrimination against them--therefore earning power and wealth accumulation will be less for women than men

    32 million new customers for private health care with no price protection for consumers

    O'Neil states that witers of the bill indicate that the gender rater is gone but...

    Insurance companies can charge employers premiums at rates 50% higher for women

    Nichols argues that the progressive will make a big mistake if they dig in their heels and the battle becomes about holding fast to the plan as it stands rather than work to change the act.

    Alan Grayson, democrat from Florida is proposing a fix--an option to buy into medicare at cost instead of buying from private insurer

    There was more--great to listen to individuals who are very familiar with the subject.

    This segment aired tonight. There appears to be a transcript.

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    Thanks for the post. I've book marked the link. This health bill is really scary for me!

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    Good post...
    equally interesting to me is how little response it's gotten compared to the others.


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