Patients’ Wait Times Cost Billions

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    From NY Times. Using the $15 per hour estimate means wait time would be millions if not billions for many diseases. Notice how the time of family & friends is not counted.

    January 3, 2007
    Cancer Patients’ Wait Times Cost Billions
    A new study says that $2.3 billion worth of time is spent in waiting rooms, doctors’ offices, hospitals and transportation in the first year after cancer is diagnosed. Patients with gastric and ovarian cancers lost the most time, valued around $5,300 and $5,600 per person, compared with costs associated with skin and prostate cancers of $300 and $800 each, according to a study in today’s issue of The Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Researchers looked at records from 764,000 Americans 65 years old or older who had received a diagnosis of 11 common forms of cancer from 1995 to 2001. They estimated the average amount of time spent seeking treatment and multiplied it by $15.23 an hour, the median United States wage rate in 2002. The study did not look at the value of time spent by members of a patient’s family.

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