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    Hi everyone. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on locating a patient's advocate.

    I am just out of the hospital and am having difficulty managing my affairs. My employer is putting me on short term disability as I can no longer function at my job. My health insurance is up at the end of July. Not sure if I can even manage the hours needed to apply for social services.

    Been fighting the good fight for four years now, but it seems I am losing the battle along with my home and all other aspects of life as I once knew it.

    Bless you all for any suggestions you may have.
    Thank you,
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    Hi Geogia,
    Maybe the following will help you. I hope so.

    Several days ago someone posted the following site.

    On the left you will see a menu of items for assistance help.

    Secondly, contact a social worker at your hospital. They can help you with fileing any paperwork you need.

    If I were you I would file for Social Security NOW! Did your employer put anything in writing regarding your job performance? You need that and if you don't have anything, ask your immediate supervisor to do so. Just say that you need some sort of documentation so that you can get social services. This may calm their fears of a possible EEOC suit.

    Find a competent attorney. There is a large firm in New York that I tried but they horribly failed me. It is Binder and Binder and I DO NOT recommend them. I suggest contacting Scott Davis in Phoenix or try the firm that runs the site I posted above.

    I can understand your fears. This DD and my initial denial from Social Security resulted in me being homeless for 6 months. I could not find the resources I needed to prevent this.

    I became involved with The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (See National Coalition for the Homeless for an organization near you). They are an advocacy group for homeless and needy can may be able to help you find resources to help you prevent financial disaster.

    By the way, I was asked and accepted appointment to the Board of Trustees at NEOCH and am the first formerly homeless person to be on this board.

    I got a HUD apartment in November, am still waiting to meet with an administrative law judge after two denials by SS.

    Keep us posted and I will keep in touch with anything I can help you and others with!

    In East Cleveland, Ohio

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  3. georgianewyork

    georgianewyork New Member

    Thank you so much for your guidance.
    Bless you,
  4. IndianPrincess

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    This site offers links and advocacy and ideas for financial help.

    Just found it while surfing the net.

    I'll be back with more!

  5. IndianPrincess

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