Patients of Clymer Healing Research Center?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Steviegal, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Steviegal

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    Has anyone on this message board been a patient at Clymer Healing Research Center in Quakertown, PA.? I know they treat Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue patients both at their clinic and on an in/out patient basis (where you can rent an apartment and see their doctors for an extended time). I'm going to be doing phone consults with them but I was curious if anyone had dealings (or healings) as a result of their diagnosis and treatment. The FFC Fibromyalgia clinic closed here in Houston after their one and only doctor left.
  2. spartanjt

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    I took their saliva hormone test a few years back & then worked w/the staff there via the phone on a treatment plan.

    Besides, spending a lot of m $$$ on the supplements & homeopathics that they recommended, i did not get much improvement out of the several months that i worked w/them.

    The upside was that the saliva test was excellent for showing how poorly my adrenals were working at that time. I think that in my case, due to the negative impact of my moutful of mercury fillings & gold crowns on top of those, my adrenals / hormones problems were beyond the "normal" fatigue/exhaustion issues that the Clymer clinic normally handles.Unltimately, i had the amalgams removed, the crowns replaced, & got on a mercury chelation & supplementation program that helped me a lot.

    The part about dealing w/Clymer that i found a problem with, was when i was not getting the type of improvements that they thought i should be getting,,,,,,,,their advice continued to be,,, get more rest, relax more, de-stress ,etc..... All of those recommendations are fine, but when you're still working full-time & have 3 kids, there is only so much resting that you can do ?! i think the "rest" advice was their way of getting you to think about coming to live at their healing center,,,which in my case, was not a viable option.

    PS the originator of the Clymer group, Dr Poesnecker, died a while back.

  3. mbofov

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    I had an adrenal saliva test performed through them 2 years ago and it showed high cortisol levels. This interfered with sleep and also made me jittery etc. They gave me Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) which helped a great deal. I started sleeping better right away. They told me to take the Seriphos at night, but it made me feel horrible doing it that way. I started taking it in the morning and it made all the difference.

    I started out with 8 capsules 2 years ago and now am down to 2 a day.

    I didn't have any more treatment from them, but continue to buy the Seriphos from them. It was worth it to me just to find out about the high cortisol, it's made such a difference with my sleep.


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