Patient's of Dr. Patricia Salvato?

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    I am a new Pt. of Dr. Salvato and I am looking for any comments regarding her. She wants me to start taking injections that she supplies at her office. I am having so much trouble with her staff. They are no help, rude and take forever to respond to any questions or complaints. Any ideas on how to "get in good with the staff?" I am from Louisiana and it seems our people here are much friendlier than those Texans. ha!

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    but I do know the staff in a doctor's office can make life miserable. Some doctors don't even know their staff is rude and hard to get past and some
    want them that way. I'd discuss it with the doctor and if she likes it the way it is I'd go elsewhere!

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    I try to have a list of the most important questions I have to discuss with her at my appointment. I know that questions come up between appointments. I have had success sending an email to her office and both times I have done this, I have gotten a call back from one of the nurses. I wouldn't recommend this if it were an urgent question that you needed a response on right away. The first time I emailed, I got a call back after 4 pm the same day. The second time I emailed, I got a call back on the second day after 4 pm. The reason I do it this way is that I know she sees a lot of patients, and she and her staff are very busy. I haven't had problems with the staff personally, but everyone has a bad day now and then. Her email was on information that was provided to you on your first appointment. If you no longer have it, you can call to obtain the address.
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    I have been a patient of Dr. Salvato for about 10 months. She has a very busy practice, she works with all autoimmune illnesses. Infact if you were able to get an appointment as a new patient before a month or two you were lucky. The injections truly help (BUT, they burn really bad). My advice is to also take supplements. I had a hard time just doing simple things and now I can work, handle the family issues and still have a little energy at the end of the day. You will still have some days that are not so good, but not as many as you probably have now. It's slow but it will get better.

    Just be patient with Dr. Salvato's staff.....It really isn't a Texan thing, it is a very busy office thing......
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    I am a patient of Dr. Salvato's living in San Antonio, TX. When I first started glutathione/ATP injections, they were incredibly painful. After phone calls to two separate pharmacies who compound the "juice," I decided to get the stuff compounded by a pharmacy here in San Antonio. Voila! No more painful injections. First, the stuff should be kept cold from the moment it's compounded to just before you inject it. So when you get it from the doctor or have it shipped, it SHOULD BE COLD. And when you get it home, it should be refrigerated. Also, the stuff is at its most effective for about two weeks. After that, the efficacy goes down radically. Also, the color should be clear, never yellowish. And, if you decide to have a pharmacy compound it rather than get it from Dr. Salvato's office and it still hurts, ask the pharmacist how they tested for pH. Doing it digitally rather than using test strips is much more accurate. The stuff I get on my own gives me much more of a boost than the stuff from Dr. Salvato's office. Hope this helps ease the pain of the injections.

    As for dealing with Dr. Salvato's office, it's been my experience also that e-mails work well. I've never had the staff be rude, but it did take 10 days to get a prescription once due to foul ups originating at the doctor's office. Even with the problems of living out of town from my doctor and her having a very busy office, the most progress I've made has been with Dr. Salvato.
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    could you please explain a bit more about the glutathione/ATP injections. I get glutathione iv's twice a week, one time alone and one time with magnesium. They are literally a life saver for me. The glutathione alone 2200 mg is administered in a big syringe with some saline, attached to a butterfly needle on a short hose--maybe 18 inches. When I get the magnesium too, it is by IV drip. Can you please describe what you get and how it is administered? Is it more like a shot or is it inserted into a blood vessel? What is the ATP involved? Thanks for any info you can provide. Jen
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    ATP is adenosine triphosphate, and is needed in conjunction with glutathione.

    Search the following text for an article Dr. Salvato furnishes her patients at the beginning of their Glutathione/ATP injection treatment.

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    any little bit of info helps! Jen
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    yesterday was my third injection, I am taking one per week. The day after the injection I am exasted. I have to come home from work and litterly go to sleep. When should I start feeling some kind of energy? I am short tempered and I am not myself, I forget things all day long. Do you think I need to contact her office through e-mail. Thanks so much for the support.
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    Are you seeing the doctor every 6 weeks? If so, you may want to send an email since it will still be a while before you visit the doctor in person.

    I took the injections for a total of 12 weeks before I moved to the bilingual ATP-20 tablets.

    I did not experience worsening of my fatigue while on the injections. I saw improvement in fatigue and pain in the first six weeks, but my fibromyalgia pain increased in the second six week period. That is when I was switched to the ATP-20, which has worked better for me for reducing the fatigue. But I continue to have to take pain medication 24 hrs a day.
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    i sent e-mail to their office and they did respond. I am going to start with the tablets while taking the injections. I take shot number 4 on tuesday. They have been really helpful ( the staff by e-mail). Hopefully within this idea it might help. thanks for listening.
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    I have been a patient of Dr. Salvato for 9 years. I now live out of state and still fly in to see her - I cannot find another doctor like her in San Diego. She's wonderful but her office is a zoo! The staff can be rude and they're very busy. You just have to put up with it all. It's hard at times to get responses if you don't have an's taken weeks to get responses by e-mail. But, they have a heart of gold and are truly there to help.
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    I can't help you with the exact formula, but I can give you the name and phone number of the pharmacy here in San Antonio that I use so that you can ask them. It's Oakdell Pharmacy, 210-614-6200. Ask for Jeff or Matt and tell them that you had tried the shots and they didn't work, but the juice hadn't been refrigerated

    Yesterday, I picked up a new batch of juice, but had forgotten to bring some ice. The pharmacist asked how far I lived from the pharmacy, which is about 35 minutes. She said, "Oh no, that's too long" to go unfrigerated and provided an icepack. So imagine what going through the mail or sitting on a shelf would do to the efficacy.

    Hopewell Pharmacy also compounds the juice, but I haven't used any from there, so I don't know whether their's hurts. They're on the web at I think they have an 800 number. This was the second pharmacy I spoke with regarding the proper care and feeding of The Juice, and they confirmed what Oakdell said.

    I hope this helps. I'd hate to anyone walk away from a potential treatment because of a hidden efficacy problem.

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    Dr. Salvatos glutathion more then likely has preservatives in it so it doesn't have to be refrigerated. Its the same with the b-12 I get. It can be bought in a Dr's office unfridgerated with preservatives or I can buy it from a pharmacy with no preservatives and they give me a cold pack.