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    Ken hoo wur vowtun wus a richt mess, kin ye pit a geggie eh oor bulden fur oor guver mint oan as ah cannae dae it, ye ken the yin ah mean, the yin in the toon whaur awe the posh folk stie, the yin that coast a loat mair monie than it wis supposed tae, whaur wee jack did awe his joab fae.

    Cheers Paul


  2. paulmack

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    First I have to translate what you're saying.It took me a few attempts but I think I have the jist of it.Gave me a few laughs though,no-one else will a clue what you've just said,LOL.
    Here goes:
    "You know how our voting was a right mess,can you put a picture of our Govertment on as I can't do it,you know the one I mean,the one in the town where all the posh folk stay,the one that cost a lot more money than it was supposed to,where wee Jack did his job from"

    You mean you want a picture of the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh where Jack McConnell used to be the First Minister.
    I'll do a bit of Googling & put one up shortly.
    Haha,gave me a great laugh trying to decipher what you were saying,but you're right,the Scottish Elections were a total shambles last week.
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    Check out my profile,managed to get quite a decent pic of our Scottish Parliament.
  4. Rosiebud

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    you could get a temp job as a translator.......actually, I wanted you to put it on as a 'guess where photo' ...ha ha.....why did you think I wrote in our native

    Oh excellent photo by the way, I think its a really ugly site especially sitting in an area of such historic importance and beautiful old buildings.

    Thanks Paul

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  5. kholmes

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    I'm impressed with the passage, Rosie, and with Paul's translation! I had no idea what it meant, but I tried to say it aloud.

    In the wee picture, I like the tower and the thing that looks like the Parthenon on top of the hill.

    Sorry to hear about your elections!

  6. paulmack

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    Can see it now,Paulmack's Translation School of Scottish Slang,lol.
    Rosie,that picture of the Parliament would definitely have made a good guesswhere game.

    Ken,the area at the top of the hill is known as Calton Hill in Edinburgh & the tower structure on the left is known as Admiral Nelson's Monument whereas the structure on it's right is the National Monument,which is modelled on the Parthenon from the Athenian Acropolis and is nicknamed "Edinburgh's Disgrace".

    Ken,the new Scottish Parliament building cost a whacking £450 million,way exceeding initial estimates of £40 million & caused a few arguments along the way due to the spiralling costs.

    At our elections last week we had 3 separate votes,in which 2 required an X to be placed next to a candidate and a political party,whereas the 3rd vote was a totally different method of voting where you could vote for more than one candidate by placing 1,2,3 etc next to your preferred candidates.
    No wonder there was such confusion,I don't think I fully understood what was happening.And to top it all the votes were being counted by computer for the first time,it led to over 140,000 votes being spoiled,an absolute joke in this day & age.
  7. Rosiebud

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    now I'm not a stupid person and I had a postal ballot, filled papers in when in bed and automatically put Xs at my preferred candidates, then my husband Tom pointed out that it was supposed to be figures 1,2 etc on one of them.

    So my vote would have been discounted along with over 100,000 others.

    I think they should do it all over again, the counting machines didnt work either.

    The Parliament building is truly ugly, I see you spotted the historical and beautiful part of the picture Ken.