Paul Potts =Truly amazing= If you've not heard== LISTEN NOW

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    (OK I know everyone in the UK, and likely most of the rest of the world, has heard of Paul Potts, it's just that I hadn't until someone sent me this. I am usually way out of the loop hearing things, but figure maybe there's more than 1 person here who is???? lolol...........)

    Heartwarming, please read & then listen -- even if you're not a fan of opera! I'm not usually, but Paul Potts is really amazing. I may be the only person who's never heard of him yet... but just in case you haven't... this is really neat!

    Paul Potts won the first series (2005) of ITV's Britain's Got Talent" (UK version of 'American Idol'), singing an operatic aria, 'Nessun Dorma' from Turandot: wikipedia bio excerpt about Paul Potts:

    "In the interview that was broadcast before his performance in the semifinal, Potts said that he had been bullied in school, and that experience may have had an influence on his lack of self-confidence. He made a similar remark in '99 — that his voice had always been a source of solace in the past when bullied. Potts was on a 6-month sabbatical as manager at Carphone Warehouse, a mobile phone store some eight miles from his hometown."

    NOW --listen to his first appearance on the show, brings tears to everyone's eyes amazingly, even Simon Cowell looks amazed, amazingly... again, I'm not an opera fan but this is amazing:

    YES of course he won - & now has cds out... think I'm gonna buy!

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    and he does have a beautiful voice.....