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    Dr. Paul Whitcomb a chiropractor in South Lake Tahoe, CA advertises on his website that he is successfully treating fibromyalgia. Patients spend on average 10 weeks and $10,000 at his clinic. Many experience remarkable relief of their symptoms and leave glowing testimonials on his website. But here's the catch - the vast majority of patients relapse once they return home. I know because I was a patient there and this happened to me and I have kept in touch with over 30 other patients I met at the clinic. Whitcomb knows about the high level of relapse yet he is not telling his patients and continues to recruit more people to his clinic. He is making a lot of money off of desperately ill people. To learn more about this go to my blog
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    PAUL WHITCOMB - currently he has been doing business with other Chiropractors. His websites are:
    I am not sure if is actually helping people and Chiropractors or he has his own agenda..., maybe to grow his business, become famous, make money, or something else. Anyone please reply, I really don't want people, human lives in danger.
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