Paula45/Arachnoid Cyst/Endometriosis

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    You have an arachnoid cyst too. I am curious as to what your docs have told you about it and what treatment was recommended if any.

    There seems to be quite a few of us on an A/C group who have been told we have or possibly have FMS or CSF. That since the A/C is something we were born with it is "ASYMPTOMATIC" - unless we are having seizures or it is causing a mass effect on the brain (or as one neuro told me: he would be concerned if I were playing contact sports.)

    It is most interesting though how we seem to all have similar symptoms to one another.

    I also had a hysterectomy several years ago because of a disabling condition of ENDOMETRIOSIS. I understand that recent research has provided proof that women with endo have an increased risk of developing additional auto-immune diseases such as FMS.

    ??? I wonder how many other women out there with FMS have or had endometriosis ??? There are several websites that show a serious link.

    Seems to me that all of these auto-immune conditions are triggered by a physiological or chemical abnormality in the brain.