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    Greetings! This is my first post so bear with me. I have been diagnosed with Sjojren's Syndrome (1997) and now Fibromyalgia. I have reoccuring headaches and just started going to a doc who seems to have a clue about autoimmune disorders. He has been giving me injections in the trigger points on the back lower part of my head and upper neck/shoulder area. Has anyone else had experience with these. The shots are dexamethasone and xylocaine and seem to really help. I am concerned about the steroid in them but he says its a really low dose. He will give me shots as needed whenever they hit. I am also on 1200 mg of neurontin, amodiaqine, celexa. I am finally feeling like a human and actually have some energy so I don't want to knock. I think just the neurontin and getting released from the daily frustration of headaches has really helped.

    Any thoughts on the shots.
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    Another Paula here....I've had MANY trigger point injections in the upper shoulder and neck area for neck pain. Honestly, I've gotten little result from them. I have what they call "cervical facet syndrome" and my pain doctor did a series of three sets of facet joint injections in all my cervical vertebrae. This is a lot of meds (pretty much the same as you mentioned), but I got absolutely the best results with this. It's not a simple as trigger point injections though. Requires sedation in a surgical setting. I'd say give the trigger points a shot and then maybe look into something else. Regarding the steroids, I'm not a professional but I believe that, unless you are on them long-term, they pretty much "wash" out of your system eventually. Wishing you the best and WELCOME to the board.
    Paula (Anne)
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    Hi Paulajo, welcome to the board. Can't comment on the injections or the meds. I mainly take supplements.

    Just stopped to welcome you, hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl